I am having a problem with my APM v1.0. I had the unit up and running as advertised with no issues, however, I did suffer a small crash with no obvious physical damage to the APM or the IMU. Since then, I have had no output to the esc from APM. The speed controller has been tested and works the reciever works and all other channels work on the APM. When I connect a servo to the throttle channel on the APM the servo works. When I connect the ESC to another channel, the motor works on that channel. I have run the radio tests and PWM tests and there are no obvious errors. I have also reloaded the APM code as well as re doing the setup and re loading the PPM encoder. At this point I am stuck. I would appreciate any input from the group.



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Maybe you damaged the solder joint to that pin? It's also possible to fry an output pin with a short. Maybe in your crash, the ESC shorted the signal pin?

BTW, not sure what you mean by APM V1.0. Are you referring to hardware or software?

thanks for the input, I alredy thought of that and checked the traces and the solder joints and everything seems to be in order. If the output was shorted or damaged then a servo shouldn't work on that line (and it does). And v1.0 refers to the hardware.

also forgot to mention that I have tried multiple ESC's hooked up to APM and the same problem exists.


I think you may just need to replace the APM board. Crashes can damage electronics.

I'm having exactly the same problem, is it possible to just replace 74ACT157 and is there any way to prevent this from happening again ?


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