Trying to setup UAV DEV BOARD and getting error when compiling.

I have connected the ICD2 and everithing works.
But when i try co BUILD the project i get this message:

Skipping link step.  The project contains no linker script.
BUILD FAILED: Fri Apr 23 16:48:41 2010

Where do i find the linker script ?

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You can see in the video :

After i connect power
The red one blinks and green one is in ON
after about 10 seconds the red one is in off the green one is on and you can hear the rudder moved once.

i can move all control surfaces from the transmitter.

all this time the led on the GPS module is red but hardly can be seen.
Hi Igal,

I looked at your video. The LEDs on the UDB and the GPS all look exactly correct.

The led on the GPS module is supposed to be very dim, exactly the way it appeared in your video. It is like that because the UDB has successfully switched the GPS to binary mode.

I am not sure why you cannot get the GPS lock. I will have to think about it some more and get back to you. Maybe in the meantime someone else will have some ideas.

By the way, at this point it would be best to comment out the line #define TestGains. We have learned everything that we can from that, and now you need to put things back to normal.

Best regards,
Hi Igal,
this issue might be related to following reasons.( it was discussed else were too .. I could not find the location )
1. MPLab installation is not in default location ie. c:\program files\... and is in c:\... or another drive ie. d:\ .
The Matrixpilot code is/was compiled /assumes the above, some files in it needs to reflect the path of MPLab tools location.
I have mesured 4.3V the vcc for the GPS is it OK ?
In the data sheet of the GPS it is written that 4.5 - 6V is the operating voltage

In a day or 2 i will connect the usart to my computer with RS232 and hope to see more info.
Hi Igal,

4.3 volts is fine for the GPS.

Igal, I would start to use the debugger of the ICD2. I would want to see whether
any messages are coming back from the GPS at all.

I think I would simply set a break point at the location where the GPS messages have been parsed.
e.g. here in the code.

If the debugger stops at that point in the code, then you are receiving messages from the GPS.


I agree with Peter, it would be a good idea to see if the UDB is receiving messages from the GPS. The is a possibility that there is an open solder joint between the GPS connector and the board. The way Peter has suggested is a good way to find out.

Just to summarize a couple of points that we have already covered:

1. The dim LED on the GPS is normal. That is a 100% positive indication that messages are traveling from the UDB to the GPS. When the GPS is fresh from the factory, it is running in NMEA mode. In that mode, the LED on the GPS is in indicator, and it will be bright. However, the first time the GPS is powered up connected to the UDB, the UDB sends is messages that commands it into binary mode. That will turn off the red LED on the GPS, so that is normal.

2. A few months ago we changed the design of the UDB to use a lower power supply voltage, 4.5 volts instead of 5 volts, so the GPS is operating at 4.5 volts. We tested it, and that is ok. You reported 4.3 volts, and that is a little be low, but I do not think it would cause any trouble.

Best regards,
Today i have decided to start all over again.
Installed the MPLAD 8.5 on its default location
Installed the compilers on its default location

Extracted the project again and everithing copiled first try(that is a good sign)

With my old 7.3 D: drive instalation i wanted to try the selft test procedure.
There was a strange msg that the format had changed (or something like that)

After fresh installtion of the MPLAB and compiler the selft test compiles first time no problem .
With the self test firmare the STAT2 led blinks - this means that the GPS works ok and RED led on the GPS is on (not dimmed)

It is midnight here so i can't go out and check GPS lock - will do it first thing in the morning .

Got a GPS lock with the self test software.
After about 10 seconds RED led on the GPS reciever started to blink !!!!!

Tommorow (now realy it will be tomorow) i will try the Matirx Pilot .
Congrats Igal,
So to summarize your build failed issue/error, the issue was resolved by reinstalling MPlab in default location, Yes?
The alternate method is to change the path in some file(?) in matrix pilot.this was successfully done by some one else too. Cheers
Hi Igal,

Well, you have made some good progress, and all on your own, too.

It has been so long since I ran the self-test software, I was not sure what it did, so I just loaded it up and ran it.

Just to confirm. When you run the self test software, it puts the GPS in NMEA mode, so the red LED on the GPS will blink when the GPS has lock.

With the self-test firmware, the green LED on the UDB will blink each time a new set of messages arrives from the GPS.

So, in your case, the UDB and the GPS are both working, they are communicating with each other, and the GPS is able to achieve lock.

When you try MatrixPilot, keep in mind that it will put the GPS back into binary mode, so the red LED on the GPS will go out again.

Best regards,
More good news

This morning uploaded the HEX of 2.0.3 went outside after 15 seconds got GPS lock.

I have assigned the flaps (3 positions) switch and tryed switching from MANUAL/STABILIZED/WAYPOINTS the leds gave the correct response.

This evening i will install everithing on the plane and do complete ground tests.

Hope that everething will be ok now.

The final goal is to fly a TRICOPTER .
I saw that main problem with ccpm and helis was vibrations.
Hope that a TRICOPTER will be ok.

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