Trying to setup UAV DEV BOARD and getting error when compiling.

I have connected the ICD2 and everithing works.
But when i try co BUILD the project i get this message:

Skipping link step.  The project contains no linker script.
BUILD FAILED: Fri Apr 23 16:48:41 2010

Where do i find the linker script ?

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Igal, Super News.
Hi Igal

Excellent news, good luck with the rest of the process
First flight today!!

Created simple 250mX100m 30m
const struct relative3D waypoints[] = {
{ 0 , 0 , 30} ,
{ -150 , 0 , 30} ,
{ -150 , 100 , 30 } ,
{ 100 , 100 , 30 } ,
{ 100 , 0 , 30 } ,
} ;

I took off in manual mode gain height and switched to stabilazed everything works great .
The alerons feels like fighting me but soon i discover that turning using only rudder works great .

I tryed waypoints and the plane turned to the first waypoint when getting to second waypoint the plane lost height ( i am not sure if under 30m or not) and disapired in the sun , i took over and got it back.

Then i tryed a few times RTH .
I turned off my transmiter and the plane turned and started to fly toward me but without motor .

Third time i took off in stabilized mode but for some reason the motor throtteled down almost to zero i turned to manual mode to save the plane.

Bassicly i have 3 questions :
1) What should i do to lower the stabilization for ailrons ?
2) Why the motor turns off in RTL ?
3) Is there anything that turns motor in low alttitude in stabilized mode?

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