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I want to control a camera platform using an IMU (V3+). The IMU gives out serial data, and it also has 2 PWM outputs. Does this mean I can connect the two servos (for Pitch and roll) to those outputs to stabilise the platform or do I need to take the serial data output and have a PIC to control the servos? What do you think?

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Yes, I believe that you can use those PWMs for servo drive - generally you need 16-bit PWM hardware for this.

You want a 20ms period and 1-2ms Mark time.

The Arduino "Servo" library does this (though I don't know how efficient it is) - D9 is PWM0, D10 is PWM1

Varinder, I have done this already. http://code.google.com/p/gimbal-controler/

Let me know here if it works for you.


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