Hi all...

I build high-powered rockets, and have decided to see if I could build one that land itself at a pre-set location via autonomous onboard gear that could steer a parachute.

I'm just in the very preliminary testing phase (figuring out how large a chute I'll need, how quickly they turn, etc. Anyone else here doing a rocket project?

I look forward to picking the brains of everyone here!

Chris Spurgeon

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Nice project. I'm not in rockets but they are fascinating subjects.
You may also have interest in this post here. I commented there that someone should start a shuttle project including booster launch and autopilot shuttle landing.
I am with CalPoly (calpoly.edu). We have been doing projects like this for many years through CalPoly Space Systems (http://aero.cpss.calpoly.edu/). If you are ever in the San Luis Obispo Area come by. Most of us are Level 2 certified (through Tripoli National Rocketry Association) and we fly at least twice per year.

4 years ago we did a fly back rocket, you can see it on youtube (a big orange thing), which we did for a NASA grant. We also build custom flight electronics and motor hardware.
This is a UAV rocket.

The entire waypoint mission takes a fraction of a fraction of a second.

This UAV rocket is a bit slower.

Similar systems shoot up 300ft, take a picture, & shoot back down too fast to be shot down. They're all about the 0.1 second mapping mission.

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