i have this 4 pin sensor ar home

, and i was wondering if it can be used in complement or instead the classic sensor.

Anybody succeed using these object avoidance?

anybody tried?

 thx for your time

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Thank You Richard,

Any updates on this?

hey i have two of these sensors is there ny way to integrate with the 2.5 yet?

did anyone ever get some resolution on implementing the HC-SR04 for altitude, landing, object avoidance.. any of the above?

any news about this ? 

any one had tried to implment the code ?

Hello. Did you solve it?

Hi i found a video in which an HC-SR04 is used with apm 2.6 and its working fine. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aNZLQPg6CEE

thank you!


Thanks for that, I will investigate this and hope to get these working on an apm 2.8.

Hey did you get it working??

The one in the video seems to have a filter that the stock one doesn't have

found this.


don't know if it would work with APM 2.xx or PixHawk 2.4.6

çause I'm located in Germany, can't order one :/

Somebody advanced with this sonar HC-SR04 ??


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