I got this sonar sensor a while ago: https://www.radioshack.com/products/radioshack-ultrasonic-range-sensor

I am wondering if the pixhawk supports it, and if so how do I connect it?

They have some arduino sample code here: https://github.com/RadioShackCorp/2760342-Range-Sensor/blob/master/...

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Yes, that's just an analog sonar. Instructions are the same as this one: 


Thanks for the reply!

That's what I thought but it seems to have a pulse width output, does pixhawk support this kind of sensor?

Yes, the Maxbotics sensors are also either PWM or Analog voltage output. 

BTW, those Radio Shack sonar sensors are terrible (noisy, short range, wide angle) and I can't think of any application where I'd use them. What do you have in mind?

To be honest I don't have much idea, and I just hope it can help with landing.

For the Maxbotics senors the doc said to use them in analog mode? This one doesn't seems to have a mode switch. :/

Can I connect it using one of the AUX pin?

Use a Maxbotix sensor. Costs a few buck more and actually works. 

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