I have an Arduino Mega I want to use instead of the Ardupilot mega as it is basically the same thing. I have a Pololu MinIMU-9 IMU (which is based off the ArduIMU 1.5) I want to use. I have spent a lot of time trying to make the IMU work with the legacy Arduplane, but it got put off and I never finished it. I know it could be done though. The APM is compatible with quads, so I figure this would be my best route. I have no problem with creating my own shield that will go on the Arduino Mega. I really don't think this should be that hard to do, I just don't know how.

Thanks in advance

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ArduCopter already ported to Arduino MEGA (MegaPirateNG project), but your sensors not supported. Anyway you can write drivers for MinIMU.

Thank you that is EXACTLY what I was looking for!

That IMU would probably be a lot better than the current setup.  It shouldn't be that hard to use a STM32 to do the AHRS (iNemo).

Unlike Invensense, ST chips actually have a functioning motion processing / AHRS setup.  I got really turned off from Invensense when I realized their "Digital Motion Processor" doesn't actually exist.  The fake vaporware motion processor, combined with their constant overpromising and underdelivering, missed production deadlines, and other shady business practices makes me want to avoid them as much as possible.

Seems like some people are actually doing the opposite...  :/p>

I was going to use an Arduino pro mini clone that I have quite a few of to do the ahrs.

I should have thrown in a link to better explain what I'm talking about...



ST has finally put everything together into the M1 module.  It's a pretty sweet looking little IMU (13x13x2mm).  It does what ArduIMU is trying to do and what invensense has been falsely claiming they already have.

It's not out quite yet, but when it is it will actually work because the code is already done.

ST also has a $35 9DOF IMU, the STEVAL-MKI108V2.  This is essentially the same as the IMU you have as the L3GD20 is just a newer version of the gyro in your IMU.  If you look in the iNemo code you can find some examples that might help you.



That would be ideal... but as it is not out I will probably just go on with the one I have. 

I have been looking through the project and downloaded the source code, but I am not that great of a programmer. If I were to write my own driver, where would I even start?

Start from AP_InertialSensor\AP_InertialSensor_Pirates.cpp

This driver works with ITG3200 (gyro) and BMA180(020) (accel), you can edit this file to work with your sensors. Once it will work, I can intergate to existing MPNG project.

Except that the "Pololu MinIMU-9" is a L3G4200D 3-axis gyro and an LSM303DLH 3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis magnetometer unit.

Of course :)

Sean Thomas asks where to start to adopt MPNG firmware for his sensors.

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