Hi everybody,

From 2011 I have an old Arducopter based in the old Ardupilot 1.0 or 1.x... At that time, there were a nice wiki at google code:

and so on...

But since time ago, I realized that that wiki disappeared completely and I only can find now these:


So, right now I see that :

Arducopter's old archived site lacks completely of the old wiki.

Ardupirate's old archived site keep files of the old ardupirate's pages

I read that Ardupilot 1.0 was discontinued. But why all the wiki pages were removed...?

I searched it intensively all over the net, but I couldn't find it, but some pieces of few old wiki Arducopter pages. Even in web.archive.org

I also read the link http://diydrones.com/forum/topics/arducopter-wiki-documentation in which Jani Hirvinen says that " old pages that we used to work are still there for archive reasons", but I can't find them...

As far as I know, I need that old Arducopter old wiki pages in order to set up my APM 1.0... 

Which is the best firmware for that APM 1.0 version? Maybe Ardupirates? How to upload and/or update it...? Any tutorial about that old products are still alive in the net?

Any other solution?

Thank you very much in advance,

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