Hi All,

As i teacher i found the Arducopter ideal for use in an college/university level course on system integration signal processing and measurement & control. In this course 5-10 students are using a single kit over a period of 5-6 weeks. We have about 3-5 groups a year. In the first year we achieved indoor flight in combination with the construction of an intelligent payload with a camera and a manipulator.

We are considering an expansion of the measurement and control component of the course and are investigating ways to do closed loop identification and more advanced control schemes. To do this i started using the AVR-ONE programmer on a standard arduino to develop ways to use an arduino as a control platform with improved timing and data logging based on an usb stick interface.

I was wondering if there are examples of similar projects out there or if there are people interested in development of educational uses of the Arducopter.

I will keep an eye on this blog for responses so even if this post seems old i will keep monitoring it.

Happy copptering!

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