With the gradual maturity of UAV technology, the application of civil UAV is expanding. From search and rescue to observation and surveillance, aerial photography to traffic patrol, the X30GT has emerged as the time requires.

With 12 million pixels, the 30x optical zoom telephoto camera is portable and quick to install. 1/1.8CMOS and 12 million effective pixels make the picture extremely clear. The 30x optical zoom lens can clearly capture the distant details, not only provide static photos, but also support for full HD video recording, which fully meets the need of industrial applications. The X30GT’s three-axis PTZ provides stability and accuracy up to 0.008.

With the Rainbow R1 data chain, the X30GT can view shooting pictures and operate on the computer and pad in real-time. 8km transmission distance has greatly improved the operational radius and efficiency.                  

Clicking on the picture can quickly lock and automatically enlarge the target. When the background is complex, the tap-zoom function enables the operation easier and simpler. The latest fully automatic tracking mode enables the X30GT to autonomously track the target within the selected area.    


With its high-quality image capturing ability and stable working condition, the X30GT can make the work more efficient and secure so that it can provide detailed images to support the various industries.


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