Hello, i've some extra xbee xsc modules. They are tested (i only test if I can connect them to my computer and flash them with the last firmware and it work for those i sell).

I've 10 modules, i sell $35 each + shipping.


I've some 900mhz antenna too. They are old new :D (old stock but new and not used), they are about 7 inches long with tnc male plug connector (right angle). I can add one to each xbee module for $5 extra but there is no tnc connector on the xbee modules.


I'm in france, internationnal shipping can be expansive.

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I'm be interested in two XBee Pro xsc 900mhz modules incl. two antennas. Since I'm quite new to this I'd like to know, where I can find an adapter for the ground station and also for the connection to the Ardupilot.
Thanks a lot,


Hello, personally I've buy my xbee usb board on ebay, and for now i've nothing to connect my xbee to the ardupilot (i will test direct plug but i don't know if i will burn a xbee module or not, since they are anounced to be 5v tolerant, i hope this will work) but you can find all that is needed on sparkfun. You will need a tnc adapter/plug too to connect the antenna on the xbee board :)

Sorry, forgot to tell my E-mail address:



I would like 2 modules and a 900mhz antenna too. 

email me @archangelzero6@gmail.com

I use PayPal

Hello do you have anny more of this modules? I would take two to Portugal.

Hello, i've not see the message from Archangel06, i will mail you.

@Luis, yes, i've some modules lasting :)

I am Still interested in the modules.

I've just send you an email :)

Hi Dimitri,


If not sold out, I'm open for two xbee pro 900 + antenna. You can contact me best if you drop me a PM or an email. toXbiXas$AHT$dieXkrieXgerX.

Leave the X.



BTW austria 

I am also interested for 2 modules plus antennas,



I've 4 modules lasting for sale. Send me your email or a private message :)

Need latest confirmations (and payment) but my xbee are certainly sold out now !

It last me only some antenna, with tnc connector, for 900mhz, if someone is interested :)



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