Hey guys,

I just want to share this to help prevent any possible future crashes. I've tried several GPS units for my planes, namely 3DR, Jdrones NEO-6 for airplane and for Multirotor, hobbyking neo-6, hobbyking leah-6H, and crius. 

Non 3DR GPS units all have one thing in common...BAD connectors.

I've had numerous flights where the plane would just wildly accelerate towards the ground a few seconds into takeoff because of bad gps health. One time the plane ended up in shambles because I caught the problem too late on auto takeoff. 

These units have loose connectors and crimps that have a lot of play inside the connectors. A quick fix we do is to shoot hot glue as I press the connector into the female side. I further soak a bead around the wires to lock them in place and prevent them from wiggling inside the connector. It seems to have been working well so far.

I appreciate any input the community might have.


Serge G. 

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The best reason to buy the clone boards is that they all use Picoblade rather than DF13.


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