Hi all

My name is Cristian and I m from Roumania.

First of all excuse my poor english and congratulations for this technical forum.

I started 2 weeks ago a new project with a autopilot Pixhawk/Px4 2.4.6.Everything went well ,I mean wiring and MP connection .The first test in MP,in 10 minutes I was surprised to see a movement of my boat on the map and i don't know if that normal.

The second question is about PID,in MP it is 2 PID s windows and I really not know where to modify my values  P-1,2 I=0,02 D=0,07

Thanks in advance for your advises.

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The boat movement on the map looks to be from a lack of satellites and high HDOP.  Your screenshot shows only 4 sats and a HDOP of 9.6.  As far as tuning PID's go you may be better off posting your question on Ardupilot.org. 


David R. Boulanger

ok David thanks for your amability I will do what you said.

Thanks again David.

I solved my PID 's issue.

First test:

Last test;



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