I am a little late to this forum!

I am building a 2014 3DRY6.  I got it a couple of year ago, but then got very busy, so only building it now. 

I am able to find the 3DR assembly manual on the web, but all of the links into the manual to the 3DR page are dead (such as how to do initial calibration).  As a general note I will say that many of the links on the 3DR page seem to be dead.

Is there an archive of the 3DR docs?  Does anyone know where I can find them?

Also, is there a good tutorial or 'intro for dummies'  to better understand this?  I am technically oriented guy (did engineering at university) but have no previous experience in RC quadcopters, so I am learning as I go.

Any help would be appreciated.

Ian Graham


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I bought the kit from 3DR a couple of years ago when they were on clearance.  I have all the manuals, but I don't know a source for downloads.  Email 3DR and see if they can point you to a source for a manual.

I partially assembled the Y6 and stick it in a box and haven't touched it since.  Someday I will get back to it or just sell what I have.  

The Y6 uses an autopilot system called Pixhawk, which uses Arducopter firmware.  Pixhawk is very similar to the ArduPilotMega, or APM flight controller/autopilot.  So, any programming or testing you need to do will be covered in instructions for using Pixhawk.  So, try searching for "Pixhawk calibration" and you will find links on ardupilot.org and on Youtube demonstrating what you need to do.

These are still very capable machines despite their age.  Build it.  Fly it.  Good luck!



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