I'm currently searching for the right AP equipment.  I'm currently using a gopro 2 but will soon be getting a hero 3.  I using 6 of the available 7 ch on my receiver.  I would like to hear from the diydrone community on what u use or what new products are on your wishlist. I have a dji f550, stock motors, apm 2.5

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Although I currently don't use a gimbal I will soon be buying a hero 3 black and am looking at the Aeroxcraft gimbal and the yun1.

Although I feel I may just skip the gopro and go for an nex5/7.

I am curious to know what do you think of the Tarot brushless gimbal and stabilization system.

Honestly if your looking for AP equipment gopro is NOT one of them!

unless you swap lenses and even then its not the best solution for quality

This is the reason I'm looking at nex5/7
Much better just heavier.

IF you want a good quality gimbal then you need to do three things.

1: buy the TRUE alexmos gimbal controller from somewhere like csg shop

2: buy or wind yourself some motors (iflight-rc.com)

3: build yourself a gimbal.*

*if you want some plans I actually designed a gimbal out of 5mm carbon fiber sheets for the bgm4006's form iflight. The design is just a bunch of sheets you glue to a 5mm think material of your choice and then cut out. You will need a bearing though....

Not sure what you're trying to spend, but i'm just entering this 'game' so I'm starting low - just ordered a Tarot T-2D after a lot of research - was originally going with the rctimer gimbal setup until i found the Tarot. I've spoken to users who own both and they say the tarot is an improvement, and has an overall smaller footprint. 


man these guys should be paying me lol

Let me tell you from my experience.  I have had a 3D Hexa with a RC Timer / Martinez setup. I ran the go pro 3 on it mostly in 1080P Med at 60FPS.  I feel the Timer setup is sub standard and if you want to be messing with the programming and the rubber bumpers every week then get it. It will drive you insane to get something perfect out of it. Fact is you will never get perfect video.  If you want professional quality min a Nex and a gimbal that's not of "Chinese" origins.    I have seen pretty good quality HD video out of the above setup but not perfect. Nothing that would get you a gig to do a commercial for tv or something like that. You get what you pay for in this stuff........

thank you for your input - i'm definitely not trying to compare a $150-$200 gimbal to the $700+ offerings out there. For the price, the videos I have seen are pretty awesome. If i really wanted to get PRO shots i would not be using a go pro, though ;p.

what gimbal/camera are you using now?

haha not exactly sure what "Chinese Origins" means, but i can assure you 90% of the hardware on our quads were born in china

There are offerings such as the DJI H3 Zenmuse gimbal. At £500+, it's more expensive than the Tarot, and I've seen the two compared. 

The DJI is good, and so is the Tarot. The DJI H3 seems to have a problem with the gimbals resetting during flight, and they're struggling to fix this issue. Around 1 in 5 gimbals seems to be affected.

I'm using an Arris 2000 under my F550. it's very well built specifically for the Hero 3 without the case and is excellent from the factory. All I had to do was mount it and add power.



There are some very expensive gimbals out there which i feel are grossly over priced, but there are now some reasonably priced ones coming onto the market that will do as good a job for a much lower price. 

The last two I bought were from iflight RC. These are very well made. The stabilizer they sell is a bit of trick to get it up and running, but once its working its very good.

FoxtechFPV also sell a few good models http://www.foxtechfpv.com/



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