I have a goal to fly the arducopter higher than the current tallest structure 829.8 metres and record the flight. I intend on doing this on a calm day but expect winds at high alt. I do not know what speed to expect. Has anyone brought you copter to a high alt of this value and any learnings i can take?



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I think it's important to not lose sight of the OP's intention - to fly to 1,000m. I think we can safely say that he won't be buzzing any famous Dubai tower in the process, and that he would be choosing a suitable venue for this.

50 miles outside of Dubia, it's horizon-to-horizon of completely empty desert for one, way outside any flight paths, and would be a very suitable venue (heat issues aside).

I don't think anyone is advocating breaking any aviation rules here, merely to ensure the OP obtains the correct permission to do this.

And I for one, would like to see this done - pushing the boundaries and all that.

Energy-wise, 1000m is certainly possible and with a light frame and a light or no camera, probably 2000m too.



The tallest tower in the middle is 330 meters. Don't know whether my tricopter was higher than it or not? The gopro looked down a little bit.


As far as I remember there were one or two cases that ArduCopter did fly to over 700 meters altitude due ehem.. minor software issue looong ago. So yes we know that they can fly high. (btw pilot got his copter back with RTL command so everything were ok after all).

FPVLeif in Norway has flown hes hexa (or was it octo) to over 1km of altitude. In technically there is no limits on how high you can go. It's more like physical limits.. Your battery and also thrust that your motors can create. More higher you go, faster motors needs to spin to keep same lift due air is getting thinner. 

We have flown our jDrones copters on altitudes of 1.8km MSL here in Thailand and later this year we have plans to go and test them on 2.5km altitudes (flying at mountain areas, not in free space)

here is the first attempt to get to 500 metres - great success.


Good effort!

Two things...is that a telemetry cable in the bottom right of picture? And how are you finding the descent? Looked a bit wobbly...got big props on? Might need to slow dwn the auto descent rate?

that's is the receiver wire at least one of them. Props are 11X47. Not sure about reducing the descent as i need to get back before the battery dies....

I guess the key to getting higher up is to increase the ascent speed to max possible. Coming down any faster will be difficult but going up should be a breeze.

Not sure if you are descending straight down? You might want to avoid direct down descend, this way you avoid prop wash. Try and fly down zig zag flight path down. This way your descend can be extremely fast. Just make sure you never stop the motors from spinning! If the motors stop and start to spin backwards you will not be able to start them again.

Excellent point,  what values would you suggest for waypoint speeds including up down speeds?

I've been @1740m with my APM2.5 quad and battery wise it can go approx to 2,5km altitude, but i'd have to upgrade FPV antenna. I certanly wouldn't try this in urban envoirment...



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