I'm new to APM so forgive me if this has already been answered elsewhere and if so, please provide the link.

The front two motors on my quad, 1 & 3 will not spin after arming.  I'm using KDE motors and ESC's and it is my understanding that there are some settings that need to be changed via the terminal, but since the terminal is no longer available in 3.2 how am I going to update these settings?  


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Hi Michael,

The KDE ESC's have fixed end's, so you do not have to calibrate them - check under the copter wiki for ESC calibration - KDE ESC's are mentioned and explained how to set the range per channel in the MP UI. The problem of the motors not turning - the KDE ESC's need to be powered by a 5V source since they are opto-isolated and do not deliver voltage. Check the leaflet that came with the KDE ESC's.

I hope this helps.


Thanks for the information, I added a UBec so the Output Rail is getting 5v now, I also updated the RCx_Min and Max settings in the UI, but still the motors 1 and 3 do not spin?  I've also set the Min and Max End Points on the TX as 1100 and 1900, but still no rotation on 1 & 3.

OK, it seems like the ESC and AP requirements are met. You'll have to test the parts individually to check for defects or damage. Disconnect the ESC from the AP. Connect the ESC to a receiver outside the AP circuit and test them for correct operation. If they do work outside the AP circuit then you would have to re-look at your AP wiring. You'll have to systematically eliminate possible faults starting at the motors, then ESC, PDB, other 5V supplies and then your AP itself. Even re-check the signal/ground orientation of the ESC wiring to the AP and the motor numbering.

When I wired my KDE's, I also forgot to power them externally and had the same symptom on my hex. Once I powered the ESC's it all came together.

One last thing I remembered, when you test the motor numbering using the MP UI, do not use 5% power on the KDE's - use at least 10% to 15% for at least 10 seconds to check the motors. Mine did not turn at 5%. No props.

Good luck, I hope you come right.


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