Should I update my APM with the newer PPM encoder before installing ver. 3.0.1 firmware?  Note:  I purchased Ardupilot Mega 2.5+ before March 1.


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I was also wondering the same thing. I got my board last October.

As per the Wiki, I understand it is "good" to update it, though I do not think it is mandatory as it is meant for failsafe process (loss of Tx signal to your copter). I am yet to update the PPM myself, though I think the Developers can answer this better! 

Note: For some transmitters (like Turnigy Tx9) there is no failsafe function, so there won't be a use of this update (IMHO).

Yeah thats the transmitter I am using and was thinking exactly the same thing ... one less thing to setup  :)


I want to update the PPM, but I just want to make sure if it matters or not in what order the PPM should be installed before I update to ver. 3.0.1.  Per your setup, you answered part of my question whether you can load ver. 3.0.1 first.

My concern is when I read the update instructions for ver. 3.0.1 where it says, "Although not directly related to this release ..." I want to make sure I am not going to mess up any settings/configurations within ver. 3.0.1 if I update/flash the PPM after the firmware update.  If it matters, I will install the PPM update first.  I just need to know if the order of installation matters.  As you said, one of the Developers could answer the question better.

I'd rather be safe, than sorry.

Thanks for the information. 


It's not a pre-requisite for upgrading to AC3.0.1.  It's pretty unrelated really.  Doesn't matter the order that you do it in really.  By the way, I updated the failsafe page today on the new wiki.  It's got 4 or 5 tests you can perform to be sure that your throttle failsafe is working properly.

I checked the failsafe page update.  It will be very helpful.

Thanks for the PPM info.

The use for this is more so with Recievers that don't have failsafe like the stock 9x transmitter and reciever module. When the new PPM encoder detects loss of a valid signal it will output known values on a valid PPM stream with a low Throttle value triggering the correct failsafe action.

Though i would recommend upgrading to FrSky DJT module and DF4RII receiver as its much better performance and less chance of radio loss.

Another issue but unrelated to ver 3.0.1

Some RC transmitter/receivers  (Futaba,  Spektrum DX8) with more than 6 channels cannot be decoded reliably with the older PPM firmware. Has to do with overlapping PCM signals and interrupt handling.  The new firmware corrects this.  Symptoms with older firmware are random glitches on some channels.  Best to upgrade if you are using more than 6 channels.


Does this new encoder allow failsafe with the Turnigy 9x stock package?

Heuu wrong. I'am using T9x with frsky radio module and it has a failsafe function. I did update the ppm encoder, it is only 5 minutes and quite easy to do.
If you mean the shitty radio module that comes with the stock T9X, then yes the upgrade gives you a failsafe function in case of radio loss. However, like Bill said, get yourself a favor by replacing the stock module with the Frsky 8ch module and DR8 receiver. It is only 30 $ and will get you extreme reliability and long range.

Hi All. How can I check which version I have? There´s no clear answer anywhere. Thanks  a lot!


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