I am trying to decide what Sonar to get to hlp improve auto landing

But there are 5 and all say Indoor, I assume I can use outdoor too?

5 Sonars listed


Thinking on this one since the higher one is on back order


Or should I wait for the other one to get off backorder?

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    Yes, the default sonar is the XL EZ0.  You definitely want ot pick one of the sonar's ending in EZ0 because they have the widest beam and longest range which is good for alt hold.

     If you don't want to wait around for the MB1200 to come back into stock, the MB1260 is actually a little better.  It's got a 10m range instead of 7m although in ArduCopter, we don't take advantage of the extra range anyway..but we might in the future.

Actually, it's the 1260 that is out of stock.  I really recommend the MB1200 over the 1260 anyway.  I think the 1260 will suffer from the effects of accoustic noise even more than the 1200.  Knowing that myself and others have had so many problems, the 1200 is the way to go.

Thanks, guess I will get the 1200 then.
Do I need 1 or 2? The board I think only supports one?

Yes, only supports 1.

Thanks, I just ordered one MB1200

It says "The tiny indoor XL-MaxSonar" but i don't fly indoor, not sure why they say that.

I just hope it makes auto landing better, right now it does not land well at all, pretty hard landings in auto land in fact.

Guys, DUMB question, but what exactly will the sonar do for me?

1) Will it make the auto-landing better and safer?  Right now sometimes it auto lands with a thump, will this get eliminated?

2) Will it make manual landing better and safer?

3) If I'm flying 3 feet up mid stick will it help make sure I don't slide on the ground?

4) Other?


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