I have the turnigy 9x. I followed the Instructions for the 6 position output. I ran the Arduino uno to monitor the output, working as described in the instructions.  When connected to the ardupilot it is not changing modes, it is also not showing in the Debug for control mode.  I know this maybe an obvious question / answer to some, at least I hope so. Can someone post the PWM levels for the three modes listed in the 2.7. Any info would help.


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Does the turingy 9x support a variable output from the control switch/dial?

I know from testing the dx6i it does not.. its a 0 or 1 regardless of the switch being reduced via a potentiometer for its various positions


I made a switch using a thread on here somewhere, that i also posted on my blog on rcgroups Here

Using the method I was testing you can change the levels using the variable pots

I dont know if it will help any

I can get 6 different PWN levels using two switches. I can read the different levels if I use input 3 for example. I cannot however get the mode to change when I connect it to the mode input. According to the troubleshooting guide, the trouble is hardware or software. I have tested the hardware, I believe it maybe that I'm sending the wrong PWM. Do you know the approximate values for each of the three modes?  Thank you for the quick reply and the link.

There are no real values for each setting just a somewhat different value from each other, some too close will be read as the same value and not change anything on the apm

like for example  off 10k 20k 30k 40k might need to be higher increments to separate the readings

instead like off 20k 40k 60k 80k 100k


ohh perfect... i found the thread here on DIYDRONES


I ammended the reply as the above link awsnwered my questions

Looks like your radio should not be a problem

the sale link in the post above gives more details and sugest the ideal pwm values to be:

mode 1= 1230, mode 2= 1295, mode 3= 1425, mode 4= 1555, mode 5= 1685, mode 6= 1750


but like i stated before as long as there is a substantial difference between them for each it should recognize the different values for each mode

I'm using mixed flap and gear switches to get 3 positions on channel 5.  What I see is:

Position 1: lowest PWM

Position 2: Middle PWM

Position 3: Highest PWM


I dont have the values without tearing my plane apart to hook up the FTDI and change to debug output.  The lowest value is 1/6 of full scale PWM, middle is 3/6, and Highest is 5/6 of whatever the value is for max PWM on channel 5.  You might be able to translate that to the scale used on your Tx by finding the range from lowest to highest on yours.  If the range from lowest to highest is 600 us, then for the position 1 you could set it up so position 1 is 100 us above the lowest output for some channel.  Position 2 would be 300 us above the lowest.  You get the idea. 

thank you

I was afraid of that. I just cannot get the modes to change. I also tested with an unedited 2.7, no change in the mode switch debug. all of my solder joints are good, tested visual and continuity. The other strange thing is that it seems to be stuck in mode 2 when I run debug.

I really like this group. Quick, positive, thoughtful replies, good stuff thanks.

I have some exp. with arduino, but none with the Ardupilot world.

PS. ch1-3 show in debug perfectly.

I maybe just missing something simple.


as far i know from memory

there are only 3 modes scripted in the code you would have to write more to get more

if i recall there might be some versions of the code that have more but its probably not in the generic tab/header like AP_config.H ect.


 (Below is from AP_config.Xplane.H  = ArduPilot 2.7 Header file : July 23, 2010)

These Flight Modes can be changed either here or directly in events.pde
 MANUAL   = Full manual control via the mux - cannot be overridden
 CIRCLE   = Fly in a stabilized 'dumb' circle - for planes with no GPS
 STABILIZE  = Try and maintain level flight
 FLY_BY_WIRE_A = Autopilot style control via user input, manual throttle
 FLY_BY_WIRE_B = Autopilot style control via user input, aispeed controlled with throttle
 AUTO    = What you bought the thing for
 RTL    = Come home - Home is set at first good GPS read from ground startup
 LOITER   = Come home
 TAKEOFF   = full throttle with desired pitch, stabilized roll
 LAND    = You must specify the landing waypoints in this header - read the manual

Even it only has these modes programmed:


#define POSITION_1 MANUAL // the default, don't bother changing.
// So why isn't AUTO here by default? Well, please try and run Stabilize first,
// then FLY_BY_WIRE_A to verify you have good gains set up correctly
// before you try Auto and wreck your plane. I'll sleep better that way...

AS far as I'm planning I really only need two modes. I just programed the 6 because I found the instructions and figured one of the 6 would trip a change in the mode. No luck yet. I'm rechecking my software and hardware now that I have verified the output from the receiver. Thanks again.

ok what i did because im using my gear switch on my DX6i as it only has on/off (bottom/top of the pwm scale)

is set my lines to:

#define POSITION_1 MANUAL // the default, don't bother changing.


you could juggle the order around and see what positions work for you using the modes you want


it might eliminate the positions that dont get recognized when you make the change

I'm not getting the signal "seen" by the board. I changed to output 8 with just the gear switch (2 pos). I see a change if I connect the receiver to an Arduino or even a servo, (max to min). I see no change when connected to the control input. Would you happen to know if there is a change to be made in the 2.7.1 that is needed to activate or "look at" that pin. This is kickin' my butt. Thanks for your input.

im not sure, i know the red led lights when in any mode other than manual mode

 On the arduino uno/mega pin 13 is the led on it far as i remember maybe if you can find the output in the code that controls the led it will help

theres also a arduino mode switch mod someone made here using buttons for each mode that was surface mounted on his radio


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