Hi, I would like to build a rover without a steering servo but rather with 2 motors (left+right) for the steering, just like a tracked vehicle.

Is there an ArduRover firmware that supports that kind of setup.

If not, can someone tell me where in the ArduRover code I have to make the necessary changes.




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Hi Doug,

I'm a software engineer but its hard to dig into the code if you dont know how it is structured.

May be Jean-Louis Naudin who has ported ardupilot to ardurover could help.




Yeah, it would be nice if code to do the transpose was built in.  A simple #define or even a parameter could invoke it.

basic algorithm for converting throttle/steering to L & R motor commands:

Lmotor = throttle + steering

Rmotor = throttle - steering

scale as needed.  If steering is reverse, swap the two signs of steering.

You might look on LynxMotion for "rover" code (in Basic):



Google: "joystick to differential drive"



Another avenue is to use an off the shelf - or finding a code snippet - for a "v-tail mixer"

This is, in essence, what these motor controllers are doing.

Here is something I found:

You can buy a wild Thumper control board. It is set for steer/throttle input to control two built-in motor controllers. You can modify the arduino code to change the mixiing or get rid of it. $ 80 at Sparkfun.


- Vijay


The latest ArduRover2 v2.30 alpha code now supports skid steering. Check the Comment Wall for the latest code.




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