Transport Canada's proposed new drone regulations to be unveiled Monday, according to The Toronto Star:

(though not to take effect for months, at least)


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Yep , a lot of people will not be happy by the new regs but the problems will not be resolved because those who are flying around airport or breaking the rules didn't care about the regulations with their  "The sky is my limit" attitude.

Ok, never mind.

We'll try again 'sometime next year'.


Soooo, did I miss the announcement?  All I've been able to find is that TC is going to put up some more signs...

No, that was it.

After all this time ... a new sign.


They look so proud of themselves:!/fileImage/httpImage/image.jpg...

The sign is useless since people aren't flying at the airport. The Winnipeg incident is a good example.  The University of Manitoba where they think the pilot took off from is 12 km from the airport, well outside of the no drone zone, but inside the control zone which is extended to 13 kms for that airport.  Also the Terminal control area which covers everywhere around Winnipeg comes down to about 1000' AGL.  The drone pilot was being reckless on all accounts.  I don't know why they think more rules will combat recklessness. 

Educating the public is their best solution, which I applaud them for, but a new sign is pretty stupid.  I'm glad they didn't impose worse regulations than there are now in a knee jerk reaction.  They should be able to lighten up the regulations a lot more since only 0.1 % of Manitoba's land is under a control zone.  But that's likely not going to happen...


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