We just got started on a foundry for casting aluminum parts. I can not find anything worthy made from extruded stock in aluminum so we have to make a casting for the CNC machine.

 I'll be making the casting for whoever wants one by the time we finish this project. Here's some photos of the ground work being done.

Over a ton of sand for the foundation. 500# of Sugar Sand #85 mesh for making the green sand and #100 of Bentonite Clay. 70# of Fireclay 4 cubic feet of Perlite and some Diatomatious Earth for parting dust.

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I decided to make a Charcoal version of the furnace first to test our refractory and construction technique to be sure that when we build the 220v electric furnace for production it goes as best it can.

Inside the furnace that's the blast twyer for the air blast to melt aluminum.

And the lid for the furnace. With the peep hole. Tomorrow if all goes well we fire it up to bake it out and get ready to melt some aluminum! 

Fire in the hole! lol

The furnace actually works better and faster than I expected! We can use this to cast the frame for our CNC machine :)

 It started raining soon after I took this photo I had to shut it down and cover it with a 55 gal. drum to make sure it didn't get wet! It would have destroyed the lining of the furnace.

 That's a steel pot in there over 1/4 thick so it's plenty hot enough to melt aluminum even on the lowest setting.

I am glad you are doing this. The urge to mess around with melted aluminum has been creeping up on me for a couple years. I have successfully avoided it. ;)

The cast aluminum path is probably the cheapest way to approach this project.

Melt on Monroe!



 Man it sure was easy to get the charcoal one going :) I think everyone should have one of those ;)


Cool stuff Monroe.

Now, why an aluminum frame, rather than cast iron?

Well, some of these guy's want one :) and I can't afford the shipping :)

 Tell you what though if it works out- I'll build a cupola and make a few in iron.

First Pour of molten aluminum was tonight!

Aluminum muffins anyone?

Success! Next up we do some sand casting! Practice for the CNC Machine frame.


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