Just noticed that the "GPS of choice" for the Pixhawk 2 now appears to be "Here", and that there's an RTK version.  Is there any doco on these?  In particular the RTK?

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What if the Lidars are managed by an on-board companion like Raspberry or TX1?

Chad Frazer said:

Dual GPS systems on drones has been around for a long time.  In fact, I don't make birds without dual GPS systems.  One plugs into the pixhawk 2.1 itself (GPS1) and the second one plugs into the GPS 2 slot.


There is a caveot!  The GPS1 slot on the Pixhawk 2.1 is the I2C bus, like the one Pixhawk 1 has.  Pixhawk 2.1 has an external I2C-2 bus, separate from the I2C bus.  Currently some sensors (lidar) does NOT work on the I2C-2 external bus. 

Point being, you can do dual GPS units with the Pixhawk 2.1 but you might have problems running anything else. 

A problem with running 2 GPS is that when the autopilot swaps to the better Hdop GPS unit (better values) your drone will MOVE to a different position (we call it hunting, as in hunting for the right spot to be in) and it can do it 5 feet from the ground.  Dangerous as hell, but a rare occurance.

As of 3.4 blended GPS is up and running, so if you wanna do dual GPS I'd read up on that logic.


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