Can I get more than 2 mavlink connections out of a Pixhawk

Hi there,

Tried searching and came up with nothing

I have a 3dr radio on telemetry 1, and I have a OSD on telemetry 2.

I just brought a Taranis, and I would like to be able to pump telemetry down the FrSky protocol.

Is there any way to re purpose another UART as a third telemetry connection?

Side note: Is it possible to deliver 16 channels to Copter via SBUS? I see mixed reports.



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The Y cable could be used on Telem1 for telemetry and OSD, leaving Telem2 for FrSky. Serial4 is non standard wiring, but I found it easy enough to pull pins from a spare cable and make one (keeping a header for Serial5/console).

The MP "Full Parameter Tree" does show CH7_OPT thru CH12_OPT, Which appear to have all the usual CH7/8 options. There just isn't a drop down config on "Extended Tuning" for them.

I haven't tested this yet, but am curious what the RCx_FUNCTION (x = 1-14) will do, for example "RCPassThru", presumably 9-14 would be the 6 aux outputs. The rest of those options mostly look like Camera and Plane controls.

Thanks Tony,

Good to hear I can have more than 8 channels into the pixhawk and simultaneously have a few on the PWM pins. Very versatile, I was finding my 9x a little limiting.

I have brought the bits and peices to make the FrSky telemetry work. Looks simple enough.

Ah I didn't realise channels other than 7/8 had OPT settings, that is fantastic.

When my build was last stripped down I had a go at getting the RCPassThru working and had no success, ended up just leading servos straight to the receiver.

I will have another go when I get the new radio setup.


@Tony, yes it will work, see further responses. It will also work using raw mavlink telemetry piped into a Frsky converter as described here:

ohhhh, OK H.  You got me.  I was actually going to use the 'Teensy' option for MavLink conversion into the FrSky SmartPort.

No matter, we now all understand.  That's the point.

James, yes, but bear in mind that the Pixhawk can output 9-14 on the Aux pins to servos and such, or now with 3.3 Copter, you can use up to 12 channels for flight controller options.  As example, I now have 'brake', 'RTL', 'land', 'lost copter alarm', and 'acro trainer' assigned to those higher channels, leaving room for the basic modes on my 6-position.  I use a few of the PWM channels for controlling lighting and gimbals, and so 16 channels can get used up pretty quick.

Remember when you dreamed of 4 channels on your fixed-wing RC?  Life is good.


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