I like using the ROI feature and so far have used it with the camera in a fixed position.

Now I want the Pixhawk to control the tilt angle as described here:


All of that working to calculate the correct angle presumes that the camera is aimed straight out, whereas I like to angle the camera down so I get more land and less sky.

How will this affect the Pixhawk's aiming of the camera during ROI operations?

Do I need to manually calculate and compensate in some way?

Can I set the camera angle via the Pixhawk instead of doing it by hand (BaseCam cick the buttin 3 times, hold by hand, etc) and have the Pixhawk take that into account?



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Copter will aim the camera accurately during ROI so long as you accurately match the PWM limits with the camera angle that those PWM's map to. For instance I had to change the PWM limits because My gimbal does not work well when pointed straight down, but once I adjusted the angle as well the ROI works just fine!

Hi James,

Thanks for the reply,

I really was asking more about setting the neutral point for the camera at say, 25 degrees so it points down a little, then using ROI angling on that. 

The standard camera tilting at ROI is based on the camera being aimed level with the horizon, while I want to know if the camera is already angled down to start with, if ROI presumes the camera is angled with the horizon or can detect that it is not and tilt on ROI while allowing for the fact that it was already tilted to begin with...




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