Discuss choice and application of GPS's to use with the new PH2.1

Ken McNamara sent a message inquiring about what GPS to use with your new Pixhawk 2.1: I believe this is a great subject for a new discussion. Right now, I believe there is only the "HERE" GPS that is available as a "plug-and-play" solution for the PH2.1 because of the DF-17 plugs; but I think any U-Blox module will work if you can plug it in or solder your own pigtails. From experience, the Ublox Neo M8N works really good in 'less than perfect' conditions: It got a decent lock INDOORS and acquiring a 'warm fix' took only a few seconds. Here is the module I am talking about:


The 'HERE' modules are awesome but quite big; also they include LED indicators and an arm button.

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That's a great suggestion.  At $20 I'm going to order one.  Looks like it takes a while to get here - maybe I'll be ready to work out plugging it in by then.


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