Occasionally it seems that even with the excellent cables provided with the Pixhawk 2.1 - you'll need to make a special cable.

9 of the connectors on the top of the Pixhawk 2.1 are JST GH connectors

I didn't see specific part numbers or sourcing for the plugs - so I'm posting it here.

There are 4,6, and 8 wire sockets.

Here's the part numbers (JST, then Digi-Key) for the mating plugs:

4 pin - GHR-04V-S      455-1594-ND  ($ 0.0928 ea in 25 qty)

6 pin - GHR-06V-S      455-1596-ND ($ 0.1296 ea in 25 qty)

8 pin - GHR-08V-S      455-1598-ND ($ 0.144 ea in 25 qty)

Crimp pins -- SSHL-002T-P0.2       455-1606-1-ND  ($ 0.0649 ea in 100 qty)

I have a hand-crimper on order from Amazon - if it works I'll post the results here.


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Duh...somehow I double posted this...any idea how to delete one of the postings?

any updates regarding the hand crimp tool?


I use the Engineer PA-09 crimping tool for all my needs:

They also make another model for bigger pins: the PA-20

Let me try to understand this. Are you looking to crimp GH terminals to a cable? If this is so first of all good luck, I hope your eye are better than mine, they probably are! As an alternative DigiKey stock a pre-crimped cable (455-3074-ND). This what I use and cut the other end to fit my crimp of choice. Is that an alternative for you?


I make any cable I need and the smaller ones are tedious; after some practice and with a good quality crimping tool like the one mentioned previously, its not so bad. Once the pin is held in the pliers, its easy. The hard part is positioning it correctly for the 'perfect crimp' Also, thanks for the link, its certainly something to consider... Digi-key has everything if you are willing to pay the premium.

As you may have noticed I live in the UK so my premiums are worse than most:-). I need to spend £33 (>$40) before I even get free shipping!!

You might be able to find the parts from a different supplier - the first part number is the JST number.

Thanks for the pre-crimped cable suggestion - that is a really good point - I should have caught that when I was searching Digikey - could have ordered with the last order (can't bring myself to placing an order where the shipping costs more than the material).

My current problem is putting a new connector on a GPS module.  For that I'm going to cut, strip and crimp - I'll post the result.


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