I'd like to fly more than one emulated drone simultaneously. The website says that I can fly "unlimited multi-drones", which I would like to think includes emulated ones (as they are important to avoid later collisions between multiple drones in the real-world!).

The manual says that additional vehicles will be detected automatically, and I have tried various combinations of modifying the config files for the vsm, emulator and service-manager to try and start an additional process to create and access an additional emulator instance, but nothing has worked. Is this possible, and if so, what do I need to do?

I can run on Windows or Ubuntu (but headless-only on Ubuntu, no GUI client, just the server-side UCS).

I will upgrade to a more functional version of UgCS if necessary, though it would be nice for users to be able to fly with multiple emulators to hone their skills.



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Hi Alexey,

I have attached a screenshot of the error I'm getting after I replaced the vsm file, and the emulator properties file.


It seems that something were changed between UgCS 2.11 and UgCS 2.11.250

Please use attached files - I checked them with 2.11.250 (latest release).


Debugging shows that reason of unexpected termination was incorrect path in these parameters


please check that they point to correct directory on your computer.

Hi Alexey,

Thank you for the response. I changed the file path and now I'm getting a different error.

Kindly see the attached picture.

Thank you,


My mom told me when I was young - don't edit configuration files manually :)

OK, could you remove UgCS from your computer, reinstall UgCS and provide me remote access? Using TeamViewer for example? You can send me credentials to ugcs@ugcs.com.

It seems that it will be most eficient way..

Here 2 AM, so it's better to do this tomorrow in more convinient time.

Sorry I haven't been able to try these new files. My PC is having problems, and I am in the middle of my third reimage :(

Finally we solved problem on 3DR_Fan's computer. Still don't know why previous attempts were not successful - I copied config files content from my computer and that's all..


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