Hello,I would like to try the open version with my phantom 3 advanced. I set the initial parameters, the profile of the vehicle (dji phantom 3 adv) and created a very simple mission with 7 waypoints. However, I can not upload because I do not see the flight execution menu with the upload option.

Is there anyone who can tell me how to do it?

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Hi, it seems that your drone isn't connected to UgCS. Please connect it using this manual - https://www.ugcs.com/files/manuals/mc.v.2.6/UgCS-for-DJI_User_manua...

Thanks Alexey,

I tried but I can not connect the app to phantom. I've closed all applications (djigo, pix4dcapture, droneharmony, drone deploy etc ...) but I do not connect ... I do not know where I'm wrong.

Alessio, could you clarify where is a problem - with connection between UgCS for DJI app and drone OR with UgCS on laptop and UgCS for DJI app?


Please collect logs from your android device and laptop and send them to support@ugcs.com.

Logs location you can find here - https://www.ugcs.com/en/page/support 


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