Picture Overlap Percentage vs. Picture by Distance or Time interval

I am new to UgCS. 

I have a couple DJI rigs. Inspire 1 with Z3 camera and Matrice 600 RTK with the X5 camera.

I would like to know if you can set the camera to take pictures with overlap percentages vs. picture taken at time interval or distance interval.  

DroneDeploy, 3Dsurvey and others need overlapping pictures to create maps and 3D models. They require Frontlap and Sidelap percentages like 75% Sidelap or 70% Frontlap of images.

I am thinking of using 3Dsurvey but they do not have flight management in their software like DroneDeploy does.


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Hi! In short - yes, UgCS can everything. Please see this article - https://www.ugcs.com/en/page/photogrammetry-tool-for-land-surveying

Hi Jay,

The Inspire 1 and Matrice 600 support "Camera by time" actions.  In order to use that for photogrammetry, please set the action like this:

There are some limitations trough - you need to make sure, that the calculated time in which a picture is taken is not less than your camera can handle.

The action will be shortly improved when we release our new UgCS for DJI app version, should be in about a week or two.



Here is an example of what the consistency of image overlap looks like using UgCS. Phantom 4 was used and flight parameters were set to 85 front and side. Personally, I am not exactly happy with this after spending the money for the ONE license. 

Thanks to everyone for their input. 

I am looking for a replacement to the DJI app because I do not like relying on DJI and all their control and updates.

with all "modern" DJI drones triggering by distance is emulated by ground station and requires constant and good link between ground station and drone.
We decided to remove this function (camera trigger by distance) for all drones supported through UgCS for DJI app until DJI will not implement this in DJI Mobile SDK and firmwares.
Now it's better to set "Additional waypoints" flag in Photogrammetry tool with triggering in waypoints or use "Set camera by time" action.


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