We fly a Matrice 600 and we usually start a mission by powering the UAV and checking all parameters in the DJI Go app then switching to the UgCS for DJI to fly the mission. UgCS has a return to home altitude in its route creation screen. There is also an RTH altitude within the DJI Go app. I was wondering which one takes precedence?


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Hi Colin,

UgCS updates RTH altitude together with route upload. So if you switch to UgCS for DJI after DJI GO, and next you will upload route - will be used altitude specified in UgCS.

Colin, could you tell me what parameters are you checking using DJI GO? Camera settings and "ready to fly"? For us is interesting what is missing in UgCS.

OK Alexey, I thought that was probably the case but good to have it confirmed.

The parameters we usually view are all the checks that DJI does under the aircraft status label things like compass, imu, esc status etc.

Thanks for your help.


Same protocol, DJI go also checks firmware, diagnosis for red flashing lights, etc.

same,in Go- compas calibrate and RTH altitude


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