Hi, I just discovered the mission DAT files on my android tablet running UgCS for DJI.

These seem to be different to the DJI DAT files stored on the drone itself. I tried uploading them to CsvView to convert to a CSV file but it wouldn't read it. Is there a reader or viewer for these files?

The reason I'm trying to access these files is I'm trying to come up with a process to geotag Tiff files. Is there a possibility tiffs will be added to UgCSs geotagging tool? That would be great and the best solution.

In the mean time I'm trying to get the Lat/Long/Alt/Time data into a GPX format so that I can hopefully geotag the tiffs outside UgCS.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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there isn't reader for these files.

You can export telemetry from UgCS on desktop to .tlm file and after that use telemetry tool (https://github.com/ugcs/ugcs-java-sdk/tree/master/ucs-telemetry-tool) to export telemetry to CSV.

Why do you need geotagging for TIFF files? Is it for infra-red camera?

Yeah the tiffs are from a thermal camera and we lose the temp data if we switch to jpgs. Is there any talk of UgCS supporting tiffs with the geotagging tool?


I'll register this as feature request and will discuss with our r&d director when we can implement this. We will need test data for testing. Could you provide 2-3 datasets with corresponding telemetry exported from UgCS?

You can reach us using ugcs@ugcs.com.

I can provide some data for testing, I'll put some together and get back to you.

Regarding the link to the ucs-telemetry-tool above, is there an easy way to get this, I'm not familiar with github and don't seem to be able to download an executable file. I'm working with windows OS.

Thanks Alexey for your help.

Colin, you can download telemetry tool (zip archive) using this link - ugcs-telemetry-tool

If you will have troubles with it please ask our support (support@ugcs.com).

Future UgCS versions will be able to export telemetry in CSV and KML formats right from user interface, but now you will need to play with command line...


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