In the past we have had issues with the UgCS for DJI not connecting to the laptop.

From reading some of these discussions we are not alone.

Is there any thought of connecting the PC running UgCS directly with the transmitter via USB? You would be tethered to the laptop (15 foot cable) but I feel this could be a more reliable option.



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Hi Colin.

DJI provides only mobile SDK, so there isn't simple way.

Last night I tried to run UgCS for DJI app under BlueStacks Android emulator on my Mac but this try was unsuccessful. First DJI SDK crashed because required functions are missed in BlueStacks. Second - I dodn't find any method to map laptop's USB port to emulated Android.

BlueStacks 3 for Windows is much more poweful and may be will work but (again) I didn't find in documentation anything regarding ports mapping.

I found another Android simulator - GENYMOTION. It looks more solid and should support ports mapping. I will try it when I will have little bit of free time.

Thanks Alexey.

I should have known it wouldn't have been as easy as just connecting the laptop to to the controller. Thanks for trying this.

I have tried Andy Android emulator but without success. It uses Android 4.2.2 but UgCS requires Android 4.4 and up.

And report regarding GENYMOTION. 

During DJI SDK initialization I get error

java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: Native method not found: dji.midware.natives.SDKRelativeJNI.native_getUsbAccessoryAttachedString:()Ljava/lang/String;
at dji.midware.natives.SDKRelativeJNI.native_getUsbAccessoryAttachedString(Native Method)
at dji.sdk.sdkmanager.DJISDKManager.<clinit>(Unknown Source)

Using VirtualBox settings I mapped Android's USB to USB controller of my computer - but no success.

Asked GENYMOTION support about possibility to run application which requires USB OTG port in emulated Android. May be they will help. 


I find going offline on the phone or tablet helps. More reliable to connect through the app.


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