Is there any documentation or tutorials on UgCS Mapper? I DL'd UgCS Mapper and tried it on a few different data sets which matched closely to Agisoft's camera alignments. I just didn't really see much of a time improvement in photo matching between the two.

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Thank you for your feedback.

Mapper is a very simple software so far. Standard process is the following:  

- select source directory with images

- select destination directory with the result

- optionally select camera type

- press process button 

This is basically the tutorial.  If you have any specific questions please ask here or send to our support. We'll try to help you.

As for planning photogrammetry surveys in UGCS  we have this article

Regarding the processing speed. Can you please provide some statistics: number of images and image sizes, processing time in both tools, computer configuration.  

We see Mapper as light-weight highly integrated into UgCS tool. So, the speed is the goal. but not the only one.


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