Anyone out there have any success using UgCS with the 3DR Solo?

I can't figure out how to connect the two.

Thanks in advance.

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Hey Jonathan

I think for you the better as they are so open source its crazy, They are such a reliable tool with many adaptions of software than can be used with them.

Have you seen the solex app a guy has developed, its only available on android but is always being updated.

I also believe that from a teaching perspective if using the Solo then mission planner is so much easier to learn and implement. You can be flying a mission in minutes, I have actually used this to draw words with my drone. 

Now I want to advance my sky writing I really need to use the UGCS as this makes making flight path in 3d so much easier, well it will be as soon as I get my solo to connect to it.

UGCS is far superior to Mission planner but a way steeper learning curve.

From what ive found is Controller's WiFi network and access Solo and the Controller using their dedicated IP addresses ( and 5502   possibly 5502 is the port

vehicle.ardupilot.udp.1.udp_local_port = 14550
vehicle.ardupilot.udp.1.udp_address =  or
vehicle.ardupilot.udp.1.udp_port = 5502


Ive not tried the above combo yet.


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