Anyone out there have any success using UgCS with the 3DR Solo?

I can't figure out how to connect the two.

Thanks in advance.

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Hey Jonathan

I think for you the better as they are so open source its crazy, They are such a reliable tool with many adaptions of software than can be used with them.

Have you seen the solex app a guy has developed, its only available on android but is always being updated.

I also believe that from a teaching perspective if using the Solo then mission planner is so much easier to learn and implement. You can be flying a mission in minutes, I have actually used this to draw words with my drone. 

Now I want to advance my sky writing I really need to use the UGCS as this makes making flight path in 3d so much easier, well it will be as soon as I get my solo to connect to it.

UGCS is far superior to Mission planner but a way steeper learning curve.

From what ive found is Controller's WiFi network and access Solo and the Controller using their dedicated IP addresses ( and 5502   possibly 5502 is the port

vehicle.ardupilot.udp.1.udp_local_port = 14550
vehicle.ardupilot.udp.1.udp_address =  or
vehicle.ardupilot.udp.1.udp_port = 5502


Ive not tried the above combo yet.

I having it working, to do this you need to use NetMon or Wirshark or…, connect to solo’s wifi, start uGCS. Run netmon, filter on wifi card, start a capture, wait 5 secs. Stop capture, view udp connections.

In my case the src is 14550, which it should always be. Destination is 35486 ( this port changes, so the next time you connect, the port number may or may not be the same ).

Open the vsm-ardupilot.conf file and ensure the lines below are correct)

# 1. UDP port which will listen for incoming mavlink messages.

vehicle.ardupilot.udp.1.udp_local_port = 14550

 # 2. IP address of the vehicle to connect to.

vehicle.ardupilot.udp.1.udp_address =

 # 3. UDP port of the vehicle to connect to.

vehicle.ardupilot.udp.1.udp_port = 35486

For #3, the udp port will change as stated above, so when you connect to Solo's Wifi, open NetMon or Wireshark or whatever, filter on the wifi card, run uGCS and look at the UDP port, the new dest udp needs to added to line 3.

save the file (vsm-ardupilot.conf).

Restart uGCS and you should see the Solo.

you can verify in the uGCS log file that you see the below.

2017-07-22 14:06:44.652 - <INF> 5 [mavlink_vehicle_manager.cpp:468] New connection [>].

2017-07-22 14:06:44.668 - <INF> 5 [mavlink_vehicle_manager.cpp:218] Creating vehicle: [ArduPilot:1] Mavlink id 1

2017-07-22 14:06:44.668 - <DBG> 2 [cucs_processor.cpp:334] Vehicle id=128 registered

2017-07-22 14:06:44.901 - <DBG> 6 [ardupilot_vehicle.cpp:121] Ardupilot version=3.5.0, type=255

2017-07-22 14:06:44.905 - <DBG> 6 [mavlink_vehicle.cpp:844] [ArduCopter:1] 1 waypoints received.

and so on,  Hope this helps.


One note on this, prior to starting netmon and uGCS, edit the vsm-ardupilot.conf file, ensure the udp connections you have been attempting to use are added and they are uncommented (remove the # symbol). then do the above, without that uGCS wont be looking for the udp on and netmon wont produce any results.


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