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How to use SITL simulated vehicle to test a real antenna tracker ?

Started this discussion. Last reply by Jakub Oller May 16. 4 Replies

Hello,I would like to test a real antenna tracker, driven by a Pixhawk and the antenna tracker firmware,  which is setup "in the middle" : on one side the antenna tracker is linked via 3DR radio to the vehicle, on the other side, it is linked to a…Continue

What is the status of 3DR radios?

Started this discussion. Last reply by Art Feb 3. 5 Replies

A user reported on this forum a 3DR representative announcing 3DR is stopping the 433 and 915 radios. I assume this is incorrect information or is it? Can a 3DR official give the real status?If 3DR really stops the radios, what could be reliable…Continue

AirbotServices's light 45gr Mobius 2 axis gimbal+vibrations tests

Started this discussion. Last reply by iskess Jul 28, 2015. 4 Replies

Finally found a bit of time to test the light 45gr 2 axis brushless gimbal we built for the Mobius camera,PS for Cala : better late than never ;)Continue

Tags: lightest, gimbal, Brushless, camera, Mobius

How to configure CAM_TRIG_DIST to ouput a PWM signal from a Pixhawk output ?

Started this discussion. Last reply by Jim Kahmann Jun 13. 6 Replies

Hi,I would lile to use the Survey function in mission planner which uses the CAM_TRIG_DIST method to trigger a camera at regular distance intervals.I'm using an infrared camera trigger which is activated by a PWM signal (configurable).The question…Continue

Is Minimosd incompatible with Sony NEX5R ?

Started this discussion. Last reply by Hugues Jan 7, 2014. 17 Replies

Hello,I'm trying to use my Sony NEX5 camera as a FPV camera using this HDMI AV converter :…Continue

NEVER connect a Capacitor backup or voltage protector on APM board

Started this discussion. Last reply by Hugues Nov 19, 2013. 71 Replies

Hi,Edit : from the posts below I deduce the issue seems specific to my config. Threfore I remove temporarily my request to add a line a caution in the wiki as it might not be a general problem for everyone, until further investigation and…Continue

[PROBLEM] Mission planner updater error

Started this discussion. Last reply by dudz Apr 17, 2013. 5 Replies

Hi,I launched today the mission planner that started an auto update. It starts downloading files updates (as visible in the console window) but after 2 minutes it stops with error, giving this display and error message:…Continue

LEDs use on APM2.5 board

Started this discussion. Last reply by TJ Feb 2, 2013. 1 Reply

Hello,I have seen a picture in the Wiki for the 2.0 APM board showing ouputs A9 to A4 being named "Motor LEDs".Is there any explanation what that is and how is it used ?For example can those outputs be used to power 12Volts LED strips ? (or is it…Continue

Programming with Arducopter/Arduino

Started this discussion. Last reply by duster3 May 6, 2013. 15 Replies

Hello,I would like to compile and upload the Arducopter code to my UAV. To do so I followed the instructions on the wiki, that is :-installed the Arduino 1.0.3 (Arudpilot) version on win7-installed the 2.8.1 software version (the two folders…Continue

Tags: Arducopter, Arduino, Programming


Hugues's Page

◾ About Me:

◾I'm the founder of AirbotServices that provides UAV expertise and services for professionnals. We aim more particularly at serving the agriculture, real estate and industrial sectors.
Web site :


◾Engineer - Ecole Polytechnique of Brussels (ULB), specialization in Telecom & Electronics
◾MBA - Solvay Business School (ULB).

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest:
◾I dove into the subject a few years ago when I was searching how to upgrade a very bad camera on my 8 years old son's remote controlled helicopter.
◾I found the diydrones community on the basis of which I built up this passion.
◾Contributing Blogger and Editor of DIYDrones APMcopter and APMplane wikis.
◾Currently developing AirbotServices products and services.

Latest Activity

Todd Hill commented on Hugues's blog post 1h:15min flight time - Airbotservices X4 with brushless gimbal & fullHD camera on 12mm rail system
"This is how i joined tubes on a different frame.  Once joined and bonded I mounted it to a plate with four non-ferrous screws.  Nylon bolds would work just as well.    "

Forrest Frantz commented on Hugues's blog post 1h:15min flight time - Airbotservices X4 with brushless gimbal & fullHD camera on 12mm rail system
"Well done Todd. Reminds me of trying something similar with square tubing using a 3-axis router. Hugues - Did you join the carbon tubes in the middle using some variant of this? And do you remember the frame weight to be able to get to 1+ hours? "
Todd Hill commented on Hugues's blog post 1h:15min flight time - Airbotservices X4 with brushless gimbal & fullHD camera on 12mm rail system
"Great job! Testament to how much the tech has developed in the last couple of years. Few years ago I was fixated on going screw-less as well.   I tinkered around with a few ideas, but the hardware tech wasn't where its at today (obvious…"

Forrest Frantz commented on Hugues's blog post 1h:15min flight time - Airbotservices X4 with brushless gimbal & fullHD camera on 12mm rail system
"Great to see a real duration flight. What size props? And any guess as to what size prop is required to achieve 1 hour?"
Tom Moore commented on Hugues's blog post 1h:15min flight time - Airbotservices X4 with brushless gimbal & fullHD camera on 12mm rail system
"Hughes, great post, thank you for sharing. I have a couple of questions if you don't mind taking a look: I was hoping to find a little more out about the battery. It seems to have an excellent energy density. I presume it's made of 18650…"

Hugues commented on luke cooke's blog post Is DIY Dead?
"DIY might not be dead but you can feel it being slowed down or even empeded by the following market changes: -the motivation of DIY resulting from being at the forefront of new tech and new features is now strongly eroded: COTS ships have more…"
Oct 21

Hugues commented on Chris Anderson's blog post DIY Drones at 81,000 members (and Ning update)
"Before anything else, did you take a backup of all blogs and other important content this community published? In any case, I would recommend all blog publishers of this community,who'd like to save their past work, to use a Web HTTP copy…"
Oct 16

Hugues commented on Adrián Nagy Hinst's blog post 3D printed FPV racer - 170 mm size
"nice. Will you use some post printing procedure to make the ABS surfaces shiny ?"
Oct 16

Hugues commented on paul carrington's blog post Do the media/manufacturers have a duty to not encourage illegal drone use?
Oct 12

Hugues commented on Tieseoul's blog post Shift : The new generation of drone controller
"seems totally counter intuitive to me; Yike"
Oct 12

Hugues replied to yugo's discussion Where To Buy Pixhawk
"@Richard, very good question as we have been informed very recently 3DR stops hardware. I'd like the answer too if anyone from 3DR reads this ?"
Oct 10

Hugues commented on Hector Garcia de Marina's blog post Formation control of a team of drones
"Hello Hector, thx very much for the explanation. It is quite impressive what you've done !"
Oct 10

Hugues commented on Hector Garcia de Marina's blog post Formation control of a team of drones
"when you say "they do not need to share (communication) information, and they only interact locally with their neighbors", isn't it a contradiction ? if they interact, they obviously share information via vision or sonar or radar or ?"
Oct 9
Hadits Baroya commented on Hugues's blog post Sony QX10 mod for remote wire shutter trigger
"Any review for mapping with this camera ? because there is no manual mode for adjust shutter etc. And i see a few UAV for survey using this cam. but i cannot find the review."
Oct 7

Hugues commented on Julian's blog post 3DR's Rise and Fall
"I am stunned after reading this article. Although cards were clearly on the table since SOLO launch, I could not imagine such a quick fall of 3DR. I do not like to brag that "I was right" but I remember a skype call I did in dec 2013 with…"
Oct 5
Garug Garuson commented on Hugues's blog post Alexmos brushless gimbal PID settings : share them with the community
"Auto tuning works pretty well with newest SW for most of the setups. Filtering has big influence on many setups, and on Advanced tab is plenty of useful stuff. If you are tuning aerial gimbal, do not forgot to tune your FC also and RC control setup…"
Oct 4

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Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest
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Hugues's Blog

190 size FPV racer build & review from GEP

Posted on September 24, 2016 at 10:52am 2 Comments


A 190 size FPV racer kit review from the GEP brand (so called ZX5 model). What's different about the previous FPV racers build I did before is a X frame while my former builds were always made with a classical H frame.

X frames have an advantage over H frames in that they are more symetrical (useful in FPV racing) and they twist…


Arudpilot Antenna tracker explanation and field test

Posted on September 9, 2016 at 3:11am 6 Comments


Made a short explanation video about Ardupilot's antenna tracker as many people are asking about what it is and how it works.

Current release 1.0 is still improving (thanks Randy !)



DALRC XR215 V2 FPV Racer Build

Posted on July 31, 2016 at 4:43am 8 Comments


As a follow up of my latest blogs about FPV hardware, here is a build video. The build is made with the following components:

-DALRC XR215 V2 Full Carbon Fiber Quad Frame for FPV Racing FPV Build in OSD BEC BB Ring:

-Foxeer XAT600M DC5V-22V 600tvl Sony Super HAD…


FPV racer hardware review : Flycolor 4 in 1 F3 board

Posted on July 20, 2016 at 6:58am 1 Comment


This is a hardware review of an interesting product for FPV racers. I do not know for how long it exists but I could not find any other reviews on youtube.

This product consists in an integration of mutliple components you would otherwise need to solder and assemble together with lots of wiring, thus saving weight and making a…


Comment Wall (11 comments)

At 10:26pm on March 19, 2013, Oliver said…

Hi, I just posted the parts list with some notes in the comments below my original post on the gimbal.



At 12:11am on March 20, 2013,


At 12:52pm on November 7, 2013,
Forrest Frantz

Didn't want to say this in the crowd.  But I think mass distribution has a bearing on the PIDs as does distance from the respective axis.

Example:  Say there is a rectangular cubic battery pointing fore and aft at CG on a symmetric quad copter.  Say the rotors are 20 cm from their axis and the battery is 10cm x 2 cm.

o The torque factor exerted in pitch over the battery would be 20/(10/4) = 8 to 1

o The torque factor exerted in roll over the battery would be 20/(2/4) = 40 to 1

If you have two steel wheels of the same mass, the larger one will be more difficult to get rolling (there is a larger change in momentum).

So it is 5x easier to roll than pitch.  I think that should be accounted for in the PIDs?  But maybe I'm wrong.

Of course this is an extreme example where everything else weighs nothing, so the differences in ratios are never that high.  But it is common I think for the factors to be up to 1.5X.

Your thoughts?

At 1:42pm on November 8, 2013, Tyler McGahee said…

Yeah, the PIDs are definitely affected by the "mass distribution" (moment of inertia), as well as by the motors and propellers and ESCs and the control algorithm and on and on. I don't think it hurts to list the PIDs though. Could save some time when starting from scratch on a similar or identical rig.

At 10:37pm on November 21, 2013, HobbyColombia said…


A curiosity ... as I turn apm 2.5 and esc with 2 separate batteries.

Battery 1: APM 2.5 and FPV
Battery 2 Engines - BECS (servos)


Thank you!

At 7:28pm on March 11, 2014, HobbyColombia said…

Ardupilot on PX4 + IO won't arm motors.

Hi I have the same problem Mystery 30A ESC's ...

You Might explain "load up the firmware ArduCopter" Bootload firmware?

System works without problem, arm and disarm perfectly.

Safety Switch OK.

Calibration OK, ENGINES TURN.

Connect and disconnect battery and ESC sounds uncalibrated, not save settings.

/ / / / / / / Can not save the ESC Mystery Calibration and PX4FMUIO / / / /

At 1:11pm on March 12, 2014, HobbyColombia said…


/ / / / / / / Can not save the ESC Calibration in PX4 FMU IO / / / /

You know it could be?

Another question.

You know how I connect to OSD Remzibi px4 as if telemetry data and to see video on my monitor?

We appreciate evidence.

Thanks for you time.

You are responsible to give answers of diydrones community? curiosity!


At 8:11am on August 26, 2014,
Forrest Frantz
At 1:45pm on December 15, 2014,
Forrest Frantz

4 motor mounts and 4 tube plugs, cut, lightly sanded, ready to ship, and after you clean, ready to adhere.

Where do you want me to send them?

At 9:25am on August 18, 2015, Rafael Fontela said…

Saw an old post from 2013 title Tiger motors-propellers combinations for an heavy lift octocopter, where after testing several motors props combinations you chose the Tiger 3510 360Kv.

I'm trying to upgrade my 3dr x8+ to be able to extent the flying time while increasing the payload to be able to use about 1200 extra grams for camera equipment etc.  At present my drone is equipped with the motors and props that come from 3DR ( SUNNYSKY V2216-16 KV800) and by them the drone will be able to lift 800 grm while having a fly time of 15 mnts (by what I have read more like 10).

I was wandering if you think that using the Tigers and the props combination I could achieve the results you had, also whether

I could run the 6s batteries.

Thanks so much for your time


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