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Arduplane without a compass?

Started this discussion. Last reply by wolfgang Sep 17, 2013. 3 Replies

Can I safely fly arduplane without a compass?  If yes, what won't work as well without a compass?  I have an APM 2.0 with a bad internal compass and it won't accept an external compass (even after…Continue

Disabling the internal compass on 2.0 APM hardware by removing the HMC5883L

Started this discussion. Last reply by Josh Potter Sep 12, 2013. 3 Replies

The wiki said to cut the trace which turns out to be no easy feat.  I did that and verified that the internal no longer working but I'm getting some odd random problems that make me think it's not a…Continue

Are you interested in coding arducopter improvements?

Started this discussion. Last reply by criro1999 Aug 20, 2013. 2 Replies

Robert has generously offered to give an overview of the code and what modules do what via Skype or some form of easy to use conference system.  I'm sure I'm not the only one who is interested in…Continue

500 heli on APM 3.0.0 code flying great!

Started this discussion. Last reply by Rob_Lefebvre Sep 15, 2013. 106 Replies

I just had my first stable loiter yesterday after running compasmot and it was very impressive.  Tuning wasn't very difficult for the most part and the biggest barrier we have with getting more helis…Continue


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Latest Activity

Josh Potter commented on CSGShop's blog post SONY 1000TVL 0.00001Lux Color 2.8-12mm Vari-focus CCD WDR Camera for FPV systrems
"Is there enough bandwidth in the standard analog band to send 1000 lines?  Will most monitors even display that?"
2 hours ago
Josh Potter commented on Chris Anderson's blog post FAA announces investigation into drone use over Denver 420 rally
"So non-routine operation is allowed?  Clear as mud FAA.  "
Josh Potter commented on Gisela & Joe Noci's blog post Antenna, Feedpoint matching, Baluns, Turnstiles and why Complex homegrown antenna mostly do not work...
"Getting into FPV has caused me to learn a lot about RF design, and some of this stuff is over my head.  Great post, thank you for sharing. "
Apr 15
Josh Potter commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Ohio drone user charged for obstructing an accident scene
"@Austin what is every news reporter ever?  The man's motives have nothing to do with the fact that he was/wasn't obstructing a helicopter.  We don't charge people simply because we don't agree with their opinion, but…"
Apr 15
Josh Potter replied to Ken Gaines's discussion Hobby King Shipping SUCKS!!!
"They're no amazon but the prices are super cheap.  Your expectations are way too high. "
Apr 14
Josh Potter commented on James Roney's blog post DJI introduce firmware to prevent flight near large airports
"@Dan, while my first comment was more of a jab, I still think you can still draw huge parallels between Apple and DJI.  Look at OSX, or iOS, it's locked down, you can't install just any software you want, and you can't view the…"
Apr 8
Josh Potter commented on James Roney's blog post DJI introduce firmware to prevent flight near large airports
"DJI confirmed for the Apple of flight controllers.  They know what's best and their users will love them for telling them what they can and can't do.  This is a fantastic change. "
Apr 8
Josh Potter replied to Jonathan Richey's discussion DJI Phantom vs 3d Robotics IRIS
">and 3DR the Andriod. That's not a fair comparison, I don't consider 3DR to be a giant botnet like google.  "
Mar 14
Josh Potter commented on Chris Anderson's blog post ABC Denver News: "Drone drifts away in skies over Denver; owner posts 'missing' flyers around city"
"I've had models returned to me thanks to laminated labels with my phone number; they can even handle the rain.  I would recommend that everyone puts their contact information on their models."
Mar 12
Josh Potter commented on chris wilson's blog post Hobbby King has a MINI APM
"It's neat to see HK creating their own hardware layout and bringing something to the table."
Mar 10
Josh Potter commented on Franklin Neo's blog post Some non-flight-critical accessories which I find useful
"Good items.  As for the servo cables, I would recommend that everyone buys a crimper, the pins, and servo wire so you can make your own to length.  Honestly I think that crimper has been the most useful tool in my entire kit."
Mar 5
Josh Potter commented on Gary Mortimer's blog post Busting Myths about the FAA and Unmanned Aircraft
"Why are these rules such a cluster?  Why can't we get some clarity here?  What makes you a farmer?  What's okay there and what's not okay?  What if I'm a farmer but I'm within X miles of an…"
Feb 27
Josh Potter commented on Rob_Lefebvre's blog post Helicopter Presents Attractive Alternative to Multi-rotors and Fixed-wing UAVs
"I thought having less blades (and longer blades) are more efficient no?  Can you better explain the tradeoff of going with 3 or 5 blades setups over 2 longer blades if the size of the blades isn't an issue?"
Feb 7
Josh Potter replied to Sean Whitney's discussion APM2.5 3.1 servo twitch
"Well I was being stupid and had my y cable connected wrong and was pushing 12 volts to my servos, so problem solved. I still don't see the heli setup in any of these menus with the new apm planner, or am I just blind? "
Feb 6
Josh Potter replied to Sean Whitney's discussion APM2.5 3.1 servo twitch
"I'm still seeing the exact problem using PWM, so it's now PPM.  It's very specific; it only happens when I yaw left and aileron right.   I'll fall back to older firmware to verify before I start looking for a…"
Feb 5
Josh Potter replied to Sean Whitney's discussion APM2.5 3.1 servo twitch
"I'm also having this problem using ppm, but since I can't adjust the frame rate on an 8fg I'm going to switch back to a standard pwm rx setup."
Feb 5

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Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest
Flown/built helicopters for a while. Interested in building FPV search and recon based helis.

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Chris Anderson on Marketplace

Posted on March 8, 2013 at 8:08am 6 Comments

Kai Ryssdal with Marketplace went on site to meet with Chris Anderson at 3d Robotics to talk about drones. You can listen to the segment here. …


Measuring SWR (Standing Wave Ratio) on your antennas with a Daiwa CN-801

Posted on February 12, 2013 at 6:36pm 8 Comments

SWR is one of those things that most people don't need to worry about.  However, when you start building your own antennas or need to get every mw of power out of your existing antennas, you might need to check/tune your SWR.



FPV antennas: Building True R/C style circular polarized antennas.

Posted on December 8, 2012 at 7:00am 11 Comments

I assume most of us know that circular polarized antennas are great for FPV video streams because they're good at rejecting out of phase signals.  Thankfully you can buy these most of these antennas now, and even better yet, you can make your own with a little bit of work.

Probably the most popular design is the clover leaf, however I always hated…


Comment Wall (2 comments)

At 12:39pm on October 15, 2012, LanMark said…

hi Josh.. why no pics of your F450?? :)   I would love to share my APM config settings but I am not running APM at this time.. I run a Naza and a Wookong... I have been working 84 hour work weeks since March and so I figured I just didn't have time to mess around with APM just yet.. and I wanted to get to flying with as little free time as I have right now.

At 6:20pm on October 15, 2012, Josh Potter said…

I've been changing so much (and will again when I get new base, I haven't bothered taking any yet).  Right now I'm the king of velco and zip-ties.

Do you have an OSD  with your current setup?  How's your video reception with the Y antenna?  What are you running for your ground station?  I see you having a beefy video TX there, I'm still running a 150 mw.

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