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MarcS commented on Chris Anderson's blog post ETH drone shows real-time 3D scanning and coordination with a ground rover
"Hi Chris, it´s University of Zurich, which is not ETH, even if they are close :-) "
Sep 1
MarcS commented on Gary Mortimer's blog post T3 Wimbledon Drone Delivery Challenge
"This T3 seems to favor copters and helis :-( I´d like to go fixed wing but to be able to compete (when I take the Hobbyking Beerlift challenge as a reference would take a huge effort in…"
Jul 7
MarcS commented on Chris Anderson's blog post ESA does another copter-rover drop, this time with awesomely over-the-top music
"Hey guys, whats the negative attitude about here??? There is a group of researchers showing an experiment using a multicopter. You should use it as a positive example what the technology can be used for... (Even if it´s not Ardupilot :-) And…"
Jul 6
MarcS commented on Stefan Gofferje's blog post Updated: A closer look at DJI's no-fly zones
"Did anybody, including the thread starter, even watch the video linked in the post? The actual "no fly zone" is 1.5 miles with a cone going higher from there to the 5 mile ring. On smaller airports its 0.6 miles. Not that I would welcome…"
Apr 12
MarcS commented on Joseph Aletky's blog post 134km/83.5 Mile, 4 hour flight with our Skywalker
"Just to put it in perspective: Over ten years ago, the so called sunrise-sunset competitions (minimum number of flilghts for whole day of electrical flying) were stopped because they were no longer interesting:…"
Feb 12
MarcS commented on Chris Anderson's blog post High-precision RTK GPS coming to ArduPilot
"Jesus, you are confusing differential GPS and RTK. It has something in common, but to be general, RTK is a method to massively improve precision by measuring carrier phase signals rather then the code, which is normally done. Since the phase returns…"
Feb 8
MarcS commented on Chris Anderson's blog post High-precision RTK GPS coming to ArduPilot
"That would really be great value!! Fingers crossed it works in dynamic environments on copters or even harder on planes... There are nice things you can do then (can say this after having done some stuff with the expensive RTK systems :-)"
Feb 8
MarcS commented on Gary McCray's blog post Some MultiCopter Design Thoughts.
"Citation from:   Meanwhile, putting the pusher prop at the back, so the airplane does not have to fly through that prop's slipstream, means that the prop now has to fly through all the disturbed airflow…"
Jan 22
MarcS commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Drones taking off in Hollywood
"Gary, did you read the article? It says they ink a one time deal for each filming. No Idea how they do it but the problems are adressed in the article. I think filming for movies is not comparable to "certain events" happening around FPV…"
Nov 8, 2013
MarcS commented on Sue Rosenstock's blog post Aha: How Drones are Helping Farmers Produce Healthier Crops
"Will the talks be available online? Or generally more information? My 1st question at the moment is if there is a toolchain from the pictures taken over crop fields to the input of modern farming machines (be it John Deere, Claas or whatever…"
Nov 7, 2013
MarcS commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Drones taking off in Hollywood
"Hey, you should read the whole article (and by the way post a matching picture...). The person interviewed was Emmanuel Previnaire of Flying-Cam. They are using a quite huge helicopter for the big hollywood productions (and doing that…"
Nov 7, 2013
MarcS commented on Stefan Gofferje's blog post The end for volunteer rescue services' use of Micro UAVs in Europe!
"Stefan, why try to make exemptions for a special use (despite the effort it would create huge grey areas, which regulators will not like). My feeling is the differentiation hobby/non-hobby will be in the coming regulations. And its not too bad. BUT:…"
Oct 3, 2013
MarcS commented on CrashingDutchman's blog post Kickstarter project - Ziphius: The Aquatic Drone
"In general I like the idea. To convince me to back the project I´d like to see some on board footage (HD, which it should be). Is this shown anywhere? I´m a little sceptical about the placement of the camera. If you try to look forward…"
Jun 27, 2013
MarcS commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Slate: What the history of helicopters tells us about the future of drones
"Thanks for posting, worth reading the full article. Especially the part in payload and cost comparison between Cessna and Scaneagle...  It really comes down to the one sentence: They are where it makes economic sense for them to be. There is…"
May 5, 2013
MarcS commented on Simon Howroyd's blog post Hydrogen Fuel Cell UAV
"Austin, I´m referring to the airframe in the link I posted about the flight in 2007... Nothing about the one of the starter of this post. Blended winds can be effecient, but are not automatically... "
Apr 24, 2013
MarcS commented on Simon Howroyd's blog post Hydrogen Fuel Cell UAV
"Hi, the feasibility of a (purely) fuel cell powered plane was demonstrated in 2007: I just question their concept of using an inefficient drive (1kW ducted fan...) and inefficient…"
Apr 23, 2013

MarcS's Blog

Anti whaling activists using UAV to track whaling fleet

Posted on December 25, 2011 at 6:59am 26 Comments

Just found this in the news:

The Sea Shepherd ship, Steve Irwin, deployed a drone to successfully locate and photograph the Japanese factory ship Nisshin Maru on December 24th.…


Deciphering bird flight, scientific way

Posted on April 26, 2011 at 8:13am 1 Comment

There was a lot or rumor about the Festo Smartbird in the last weeks. They actually built a nice bird, mainly by simulating and trial and error (see the movie posted lately Video).

Now scientist go to the roots, letting an owl fly through a bunch of cameras measuring the movement.…


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At 1:24pm on September 20, 2011, Veikko Vierola said…

Hi, is that Cularis in the picture?


At 1:47pm on September 20, 2011, MarcS said…

Hi Veikko,

close :-) it´s an Easy-Glider...

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