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Mathew krawczun commented on Jonathan Price's blog post Pew Research Poll: Americans Pessimistic About Personal Drones
"the problem Flying monkey is that for most people that the real benefits UAV are n fields they will never see. (like Agriculture, Aerial Mapping, Search & Rescue) on the other hand personal UAVs are not likely to add much benefit to the general…"
Mathew krawczun commented on Paul's blog post British scientists defy the laws of physics to create a flat lens that thinks it’s curved.
"*sigh* I always hate when writers start off articles with BS like this.nothing "defy the laws of physics" here, infact it's the laws of physics that make thi happen. what's being "defy" is the writer obviously…"
Apr 17
Mathew krawczun commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Senator Feinstein: "It should be a crime for a private individual to arm a drone."
"WOW it always amazes me that any tech sites can be so full of ignorant people, but whenever a thread about laws for UAVs pop up they carw out of the wood work. really look at how the comments boil down to "it's just common…"
Jan 16
Mathew krawczun commented on Thomas J Coyle III's blog post Coin-sized Retrievor solar-powered GPS tracking device
"I'm more interested in the cullular module that can fit into that size package and use that little power. also the round Solar cell has to be custom made and where most of the money goes to.honestly this seems more like vaporware from someone…"
Oct 23, 2013
Mathew krawczun commented on Stefan Gofferje's blog post The end for volunteer rescue services' use of Micro UAVs in Europe!
"thank you Helistorm for being one of the few people that have a level headed view on that. far to many people opn this and other sites can't get over their own personal feelings on the matter to see the whole picture.  "
Oct 3, 2013
Mathew krawczun commented on Tom Mahood's blog post Personal Drones May Present Public Safety Concerns
"okay I'll be the first person to admit UAVs can have some real public safety issues but that normaly comes in the  form of them fulling out of the sky and their "spinning blades of death" cutting…"
Aug 30, 2013
Mathew krawczun commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Colorado town considers licensing people to "hunt drones"
"@Alex Leeyou have that a bit wrong there, the mythbuster did not prove anything like that, that show was about a bullet shoot straight which they had a hard time even doing. a bullet shoot at even a slight angle that bullet will travel in a…"
Jul 19, 2013
Mathew krawczun commented on Dave G's blog post No Drones Over My Back Yard, Google's Schmidt Warns
"@ goran your post reeks of paranoia you know that right?not everyone should own or use a UAV just as is the case that not everyone is alowed to own or use a gun already. UAV's can and will be missed used and the tech…"
Apr 16, 2013
Mathew krawczun commented on Dave G's blog post Ars Technica: "Here’s the drone the county sheriff wants to fly over your backyard"
"I agree this fear of drones in our backyards is complete BS, it really just show the level narcissism that's alive and well in this country. lol but you guys understand it would cost more to outsource to a provet company running the drone…"
Feb 15, 2013
Mathew krawczun commented on Shannon Morrisey's blog post Major Technology Patent Case Pending
"yeah I have to say the whole idea of patents has gotten messed up in this country. when ruff shapes and vague ideas get patented wee're way off the path."
Feb 13, 2013
Mathew krawczun commented on Chris Anderson's blog post "Letting Drones Reach Their Potential"
"thank goodness I was worried there it started off as another  "O MM G their coming to take my drones!" article but endding with some real understanding of whats happening. "
Feb 9, 2013
Mathew krawczun commented on Jesse's blog post Thermopile Arrays
"well Copter Richie Thermopiles are heat sensors in an array like this they are basicly low res thermal cameras. so they can do almost any application a thermal camera can do on the cheap. "
Feb 2, 2013
Mathew krawczun commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Stephen Hawking joins foundation to defend humanity against autonomous robots
"@ Thomas J Coyle III sorry I'm bad at detecting those nuance online."
Jan 9, 2013
Mathew krawczun commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Stephen Hawking joins foundation to defend humanity against autonomous robots
"@Thomas J Coyle IIIyou've never read asimov's have you? because alot of his stories are about how the three laws don't work or can be worked around. but in all honestly this idea that man kind should be left in control is kind of like…"
Jan 9, 2013
Mathew krawczun commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Primsense launching "pencil-sized" Kinect-like 3D sensor at CES
"I could just be me but I don't see much of a game changer here.this looks fun and will work in niche areas but over all these kind of interface isn't more efficient then the other tech. it's kind of like nice looking but less…"
Jan 3, 2013
Mathew krawczun commented on Ricky Curwood's blog post Fire-fighting Drones?!
"an interesting idea for this to use is this new electromagnetic fire suppression idea all you would need would be a uav big enough to house a large enough power power source and the transmitter array."
Dec 5, 2012

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interested in all robotics fronts and has plans to make some uavs soon.

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