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AC3.3 Vibration Logging Discussion Thread

Started this discussion. Last reply by Thorsten Jul 24. 21 Replies

Start this thread to have a place for focused discussion of the new vibration logging function of AC3.3.  I'll start by copy-pasting my initial discussion from the AC3.3 beta testing thread.Continue

AC3.3 TriCopter Improvements, need Input and Testers!

Started this discussion. Last reply by crayfellow Aug 15. 13 Replies

As part of my work to fix the RC Map problem for AC3.3, it makes sense to fix the Tricopter tail servo problems at the same time.  The timing on this work is really tight as we're down to the wire to…Continue

AC3.3 TradHeli Release Discussion

Started this discussion. Last reply by Ultrafuge on Wednesday. 171 Replies

WARNING to TradHeli users:Do not attempt to fly AC3.3 until you hear otherwise from me.  I have not even bench tested it yet, let alone test flown it.  There are quite a lot of changes that have gone…Continue

760uS Rudder Servo Support

Started May 1 0 Replies

Hey guys, I've seen the question asked several times over the years, about whether or not Arducopter could support high speed 760uS rudder servos.  I remember trying to help somebody with it a couple…Continue


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Rob_Lefebvre replied to Roger Fowler's discussion Looking for improved hover stabilization
"Just to be clear, this is with GPS guidance. But it wouldn't be possible if Arducopter wasn't doing a good job controlling the attitude.  You can see it's quite smooth and controlled."

Rob_Lefebvre replied to Roger Fowler's discussion Looking for improved hover stabilization
"Maybe this answers your question?  This is a 500 not a 450.  But this is almost hands off, I was operating the camera as well as piloting. "

Rob_Lefebvre commented on Azhar T. Pangesti's blog post Olympus AIR
"John, is the E1 available for purchase in real life yet?"

Rob_Lefebvre replied to Ultrafuge's discussion Recommended way to setup cyclic range ?
"I actually don't always pay attention to the mechanical range, though I should.  I suspect I actually end up with more like 12 degrees of cyclic pitch.  On some helis this isn't really clear in the manual how high to set it."

Rob_Lefebvre replied to David Boulanger's discussion Will lower ATC ACCEL RP parameters solve my occasional shake?
"Hi David, Are you getting shaking when there is no control input change?  Or is it occurring with control inputs?  Either way, I think lowering the ATC_ACCEL RP param is the wrong way to go.  Setting it to 360 is very slow, and is…"

Rob_Lefebvre replied to Patrick B Lawler's discussion Failsafe with throttle on channel 8
"I currently use the "PWM Output Off" setting in my Rx to trigger failsafe, as it's actually the simplest and usually the best choice for Arducopter.  But honestly, I haven't tested this functionality in a long time and I…"

Rob_Lefebvre replied to Chris Maier's discussion Loiter / Auto - Yaw spinning on takeoff
"Hi Chris, this issue is resolved with 3.3 which should be going stable soon.  So if you just wait a little while longer and then use that release, your problem should be resolved."

Rob_Lefebvre replied to Roger Fowler's discussion Looking for improved hover stabilization
"I would need to understand better what exactly it is you're looking to achieve.  There's two different things here.  First, do you want good disturbance rejection?  Or do you want slow and controlled reaction to…"

Rob_Lefebvre commented on Nicolas's blog post 3DR SOLO approved by DGAC "french FAA"!
"Hi Nicolas, I'm interested in the French regulations.  It appears the S4 class requires FPV?  ie: you must be looking through an on-board camera?  Is that correct? It seems to be opposite of most regulations in other countries?…"

Rob_Lefebvre commented on Randy's blog post Copter-3.3 ready for wider use
"P2P, I'm pretty sure if you did the disarm proceedure in flight, it would disarm.  I'm not aware of any code that checks if you're flying.  The auto-disarm code does attempt to ascertain if you're flying, but not the…"

Rob_Lefebvre commented on Randy's blog post Copter-3.3 ready for wider use
"Ronny: Yes, I have used center sprung throttles for a long time.  My new radio (Taranis X9E which I love BTW) does not have it yet.  I just have to wait until I can purchase a centering gimbal for it, nobody has parts yet. Center sprung…"

Rob_Lefebvre commented on Randy's blog post Copter-3.3 ready for wider use
"Leonard, Really glad to hear you like it so much.  You usage with a sprung switch is interesting, something I hadn't considered, and had to think about.  How does that work? I guess the "natural" position of the sprung…"
Ultrafuge replied to Rob_Lefebvre's discussion AC3.3 TradHeli Release Discussion
"Thank you for your explanation ! Shame on me for not reading your PR and implying your PR does the same as the usual 'swash ring', which reduces i.e. elevator output if I steer aileron at the same time. I apologize and I am happy to use…"
Jolyon Saunders replied to Rob_Lefebvre's discussion AC3.3 TradHeli Release Discussion
"Ok, let's discuss this, but first we need to be clearer of how we define things. Your stick input does not correlate to cyclic unless you are using a flybarred heli. So full tick forward/left/diagonal doesn't make a difference as far as…"
Ultrafuge replied to Rob_Lefebvre's discussion AC3.3 TradHeli Release Discussion
"If I put the stick in the corner than I think I really need all of it i.e. 7° and not 5°. Is my understanding of the 'swash ring' limiter wrong or is your PR working differently ?"

Rob_Lefebvre replied to Randy's discussion Copter-3.3 beta testing
"Nope, not a bug.  I think the real reason for this is lost to the mists of history.  At some point somebody had to decide if 1000 pwm was "nose down" or 2000.  There is no right or wrong answer to that question."

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Mechanical Engineer
Arducopter TradHeli Lead Developer
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Aerial Photography
Light Industrial Applications
Traditional Helicopters
Brighton Ontario Canada

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New Drone Service Tests Commercial Usage Laws in Canada

Posted on March 20, 2015 at 8:58am 19 Comments

This just popped up on a Canadian Commercial Operator Facebook group and we're discussing the implications and legal…


CBC Documentary: The Age of the Drone

Posted on February 18, 2015 at 8:13pm 3 Comments

On February 19th at 9PM, the Canadian Broadcast Corporation will air a new documentary on drones, following up the one they did last year called Remote Controlled War.  Last year's was more focused on the military aspects, this new one is more commercial/recreational.

I'm not sure what the availability will be for those outside Canada.  Hopefully our…


Iris/Pixhawk Cold Weather Testing

Posted on February 18, 2015 at 5:00pm 27 Comments

Last weekend I drove up north a bit for some real cold weather testing of my Iris+ equiped with Pixhawk.  I had to get up early in the morning to catch -30C temperatures which is about as cold as I'm interested in testing.  At -30C, my gloved fingers froze after a few minutes.  Not quite frostbite, but deep into pain territory.



Canada to Regulate Recreational Flights Like Commercial

Posted on February 11, 2015 at 1:30pm 7 Comments

I'm not sure if anybody who is not a member of Unmanned Systems Canada can see this report or not:

So I will summarize:  At a meeting of the International Civil Aviation Organization in Montreal last week,…


Comment Wall (13 comments)

At 5:59pm on November 30, 2011,
Jason Short

Chris is the Admin. He can help you.


At 8:22pm on May 16, 2012, Carl La France said…

Robert thanks for your input the 1/8 aluminum on  on the fuselage will be a milled out channel running  half way down the side of the plane    to attach the wing the horizontal stabilizer and the vertical fin to a Exoskeleton about 1 1/2 pounds the rest of the plane is foam and fiber glass there was no distortion welding we had it clamped down  pretty good Thanks again Carl

At 4:26am on July 26, 2012, OG said…

Thanks for you assistance with my ecommerce sight yesterday . I appreciate it so much I give you my cost your first porches.

At 6:17pm on November 27, 2012, Dwgsparky said…

Hi Robert, sorry I missed your request. still getting used. to this system.

Sorry, not waterslides,,,, Kiddie trains from Granby.

At 7:53pm on January 24, 2013, Joshua Johnson said…

My bad I was just trying to give new members someone they can ask questions to because the site is super confusing at first for a while when your new. Ill stop doing it!

At 11:47pm on April 23, 2013, Manuel Zangenfeind said…

Dear Mr. Lefebvre,

I saw some videos from your heli in Loiter Mode and thought wow this heli is standing rigid in the air.

I'm using a TREX 700E and want to fly this heli with apm 2.5 version 2.91 autonomously.

Currently I want to adjust the PID parameter. The stabilize and the Altitude Hold Mode is working perfect, but I have some problems with the Loiter values.

So would it be possible to send me your PID values of the loiter mode? I think they have to be very similar.


Nice Greets from Austria


At 2:56pm on July 8, 2013, Jonathan Weisburst said…

Hi Mr. Lefebvre, 

Thanks for getting back to me.  Do you have any suggestions in terms of renting or hiring aerial videography crews or drones?  

All the Best, 

At 11:06pm on June 3, 2014, Matt said…

Hi Rob,

Interested in making a Tandem out of 2x 800 sized helicopter. Just interested to discuss your thoughts.

At 7:34pm on July 12, 2014, Eric said…

Hi Rob, I saw your DroneCon talk on youtube (which was great, thanks!), and it looks like you got cut off towards the end there. By any chance is the full slide deck available somewhere? Or was there much more left? Thanks!

At 3:02am on August 1, 2014, Artem said…
Hi Rob, i know you had a lot to do with AC yaw control, could you confirm if motor values are used in the formula for the yaw servo control? In other words if running a motor in a wrong direction would affect the yaw control. If so is this something that appeared in the code since 3.1.3 or was it there before? Thank you!

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