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ArduCopterNG Beta2 - Compass Offsets

Started this discussion. Last reply by Jani Hirvinen Dec 22, 2010. 40 Replies

Sony Webbie HD MHS-PM1

Started this discussion. Last reply by Morli May 15, 2010. 5 Replies


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DougB replied to Rolf Blomgren's discussion APM MavLink to FrSky X8R S.Port converter
"Hi Paul; I found the problem. If I set the Taranis telemetry screen units to "m/s" as the Wiki shows its changing the ASpd value by some factor that is lowering the value of ASpd. If I set units to meters "m" the value of ASpd is…"
Aug 28
DougB replied to Rolf Blomgren's discussion APM MavLink to FrSky X8R S.Port converter
"I'm having a problem with Airspeed (ASpd) I have Mission planner set to Metric, if I blow a constant speed of air into the pitot tube missionplanner shows around 17m/s. Taranis is showing only around 7m/s in the lua script and if I look at the…"
Aug 27
DougB replied to Rolf Blomgren's discussion APM MavLink to FrSky X8R S.Port converter
"I've look around and can't find the answer to whether there is a way to change the Units displayed on the Taranis for altitude and speed from metric to imperial? Thanks"
Aug 24
DougB replied to Rolf Blomgren's discussion APM MavLink to FrSky X8R S.Port converter
"Thanks Paul, that fix worked great.  Thanks Again !!"
May 5
DougB replied to Rolf Blomgren's discussion APM MavLink to FrSky X8R S.Port converter
"Thanks Paul, That was quick. I'll try it tomorrow. Thanks again !!!! "
May 3
DougB replied to Rolf Blomgren's discussion APM MavLink to FrSky X8R S.Port converter
"Thanks Paul for elevating the issue !"
May 2
DougB replied to Rolf Blomgren's discussion APM MavLink to FrSky X8R S.Port converter
"Thanks Paul, I should have known that ! Another question, The Hdg doesn't show until I get a GPS lock and if I loose GPS lock Hdg just keeps showing the last heading before loosing GPS lock. The problem seems to be in the data stream from the…"
May 1
DougB replied to Rolf Blomgren's discussion APM MavLink to FrSky X8R S.Port converter
"On the telemetry screen the Voltage and current is not showing correctly (First Image). On the model telemetry screen (Second Image) the numbers are showing up correctly. Any idea what is causing this?  Thanks "
Apr 30
DougB commented on Bernie Hoffman's blog post New Heavy Lift Prototype from Autonomous Avionics
"Do you have any video of it in flight? Also, some video from the camera in flight? How stable is it? How much wind will it handle? It looks nice,"
Nov 6, 2015
DougB commented on Stefan Gofferje's blog post Arduino-based mode switch
"It looks like the X-Rock switcher has a analog output. These instructions show how to cut the wires going to a pot and connecting the switcher in place of the…"
Nov 5, 2015
DougB replied to Randy's discussion Copter-3.3 beta testing
"Hi Leonard, Leonard, Thanks for the reply I checked the tune log before I saw your reply and, although I don't understand all the info, I could see that the starting numbers needed to be much higher. I increased the  Stab_P, Rate_P,…"
Sep 20, 2015
DougB replied to Randy's discussion Copter-3.3 beta testing
"3.3rc11  , on a 3dr X8  I did Roll and Pitch individually and they completed ok. When I try to tune YAW it takes over 6mins and does not complete. I run out of battery and have to land. I land by switching to stabilize while leaving CH7 on…"
Sep 20, 2015
DougB replied to Jacques Eloff's discussion Pixhawk Pitch and Roll Sensitivity in FBWA Mode in the group ArduPlane User Group
"I have an RVjet doing the same thing. I'll try some of these solutions and see if I can get it to work. "
Sep 12, 2015
DougB replied to Rolf Blomgren's discussion APM MavLink to FrSky X8R S.Port converter
"Maybe I'm over thinking this but what but what is the directory and file structure supposed to be on the Taranis? I see "Model_Name" and "_modelname_". Whats the difference supposed to be, my model name is "3drx4"?…"
Sep 7, 2014
DougB replied to Rob_Lefebvre's discussion New Octo Copter Design/Build Thread
"Hi Rob, Anyway you can throw up some info on your H8 before I order any more stuff? Thanks"
Apr 2, 2014
DougB replied to Rob_Lefebvre's discussion New Octo Copter Design/Build Thread
"Anything new on this Octo. I'm actually getting around to ordering parts to complete the project. I have all the cf parts that I ordered from Rob a year ago :(. Are there any changes I should make from the original design in the way of motors,…"
Mar 30, 2014
DOZDOG commented on DougB's blog post DraganFlyer disappears
"If you fool around with Bees, you will eventually brick one!.  I did, but fixed it differently than most on-line instructions. The forced boot-loader, and RST ploys both failed in my case.  But since I've messed with computers enough,…"
Nov 24, 2013
DougB commented on Andrew Tridgell's blog post Tuning the TechPod
"Wayne, I'm building the tail section now. Is there an easy way to set the -1.25 degree down angle for the elevator?  How are you doing on the adjustable tail incidence?"
Aug 21, 2013
DougB replied to Andrew Tridgell's discussion APM:Plane 2.74 released
"Is there a way to set up differential ailerons in a elevon configuration using the APM elevon mixer? I see in the Wiki directions for setting up differential ailerons using discrete aileron servos but I don't see anything when using elevons and…"
Aug 12, 2013

Mark Colwell commented on DougB's blog post One way to Restore a bricked xBee
"Had to follow this procedure several times, after 4 tries the firmware finally installed. I caused the lockup by removing the ground wire by mistake.  Xbee 900 Pro locked up real good. Only red led on, no green led. But all is well now."
Jul 26, 2013

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DiyDrones and Chris Anderson on CNN

Posted on March 16, 2012 at 8:30am 1 Comment

Quad Copter used on the TV show "The Cape"

Posted on February 11, 2011 at 10:19am 14 Comments

And of of course they had to put a gun on it.



"The Cape" with Quad 


Starts at about…

New Pandora's box of 'personal' drones

Posted on November 8, 2010 at 11:02am 3 Comments

They could put your mind at ease - or do very much the opposite.

A new arms race is on and it could change everything from the way we parent to how we get our celebrity gossip.

For the technology currently…


Laser Power Beaming Aimed At UAVs

Posted on May 12, 2010 at 10:00am 7 Comments

A company that won a NASA prize for beaming power to a climber in a space-elevator competition is targeting unmanned aircraft as an initial application for its laser-based technology.

LaserMotive says power beaming could extend the endurance of electrically powered UAVs. The company plans to fly a small internally funded demonstrator by year’s end.…


NASA Puffin Low Noise, Electric VTOL Personal Air Vehicle

Posted on January 22, 2010 at 12:00pm 2 Comments

Looks like you might get some neck strain holding your head up!

Comment Wall (8 comments)

At 9:04am on July 23, 2009,
Sgt Ric
Yes, I rec'd my 337 a couple months ago (sometimes hard to find the 81" one either at Nitro or Raidentech since they often go out of stock)

I hope to add a single brushless motor to the rear.

I have used two EasyStars as the run-up to this, but have run out of room on them for all the video, R/C, batteries, Ardupilot, etc., so the 337 is a huge improvement.

Even though the Nitomodels 337 has tons of room inside, I found I can put the entire RC receiver and the autopilot complete with pitot tube and XY and Z sensors IN THE WING!

The balance is terribly tail heavy so my 4 batteries are hung off the front firewall as is the video TX.

I have mounted a pan & tilt camera with a ball case off the firewall as well.
I have to replace the fibreglass front nose fairing to accomadate the nose cam.
It will look more like a UAV when that is finsihed.

I plan on having 2 more cameras in the fuselage; one digital camera facing down just in front of the main gear, and a digtal cam for oblique shots out the side oif the cabin. Maybe the same one, moving it for diff mission profiles (?)

I have not flown the Cessna 337, and worry that the Ardupilot settings will be very far off from the EZs. Its not so bad when they come down, they glue back together easily, but the 337 is not so sturdy.
I have "re-kitted" many large RC planes in my years in R/C, but I hope this model fairs better.

I have been following the build threads at rcuniverse for two years now and was prepared for having to reglue most of the joints on the Cessna and add the odd extra piece at stress points etc.
I was/am surprised that the quality is not as bad as I thought it may be... in fact its incredible for $ 195.00.
At 5:56pm on September 9, 2009,
Sgt Ric
Man, that is a coincidence...I am assembling it right now.

I want a single motor as well, but all my previous gas(nitro) models over the years had a lot of vibration, so I worry about having an AP onboard so I am opting for the Align 600XL in the rear.

I would like to replace the front fairing soon, but I found that the chin mounted ball cam will work with the existing fairing with a cutout and the front facing camera fits in the existing rairing as well.

I haven't done much work on my FPVs or the new Cessna337 lately since I am having eye trouble and going for surgery in a few weeks.
(actually my eyesight is the reason I got into FPV since I rekitted a couple models when I became disoriented during downwind turn...)
At 8:06pm on September 10, 2009,
Sgt Ric
Oops, wrong post...sorry.
At 12:46pm on September 11, 2009,
Sgt Ric
My ball cam is a Rangevideo KX191 stuffed into the glass ball from a Logitech Orbit webcam.

It is hung off the front mounted box which is an extension of the front engine mount box/firewall that I made for the batteries and video T/X.

If it works well in testing, I may not need the front static mounted cam; after all this is not meant for FPV.

Jordi sells a 2 channel video switch, but I plan on ordering a 4 channel one elsewhere. Perhaps that's unnecessary.
At 12:58pm on September 11, 2009,
Sgt Ric
I will post photos from the Cessna337 equipt install after my eye surgery and recoup.
At 2:30pm on September 22, 2009, James Turner said…
HI Doug, I have emailed you the code. I would have sent a compiled version as well but it's too big to email. I will upload a version to a website soon for anyone to download if they wish. Thanks, James
At 11:29am on May 12, 2010, automatik said…
Hi Doug,
Could you please edit your blog post "Laser Power Beaming Aimed At UAVs", so that only a paragraph or two is quoted rather then complete story?( to avoid potential copyright issues).
At 3:32pm on January 25, 2011, Paul Feely said…
The props I used on the quad are the standard 10x45 props from fah pah

They are on prop savers which I added as a safety feature - they will pop off if they hit anything (the ground or me!) rather than break regards Paul

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