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3D Robotics
Teaching drones to fly in cities by emulating cars and bikes

From Davide Scaramuzza:

I am happy to share the paper, dataset, code and video "Dronet: Learning to Fly by Driving", where we use Deep Neural Networks to teach drones to navigate autonomously in the streets of a city by imitating…


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Professional DYI radio communication equipment has changed from analog to digital

Professional DIY radio communication equipment has changed over the years but this is a very big change moving from analog to digital ; the major brands are CUAV , XBEE & SLNTOR! The change has radios operating on 2.4ghz with range of over 20 kilometers caring control , telemetry signals as well as hiy definition video. It supports 2.4GHz (2. 402~2. 478 GHz) and suitable for long…


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ComNav Technology K726 dual antenna GNSS RTK Positioning&Heading OEM board for UAV hovering

ComNav Technology had released K726…


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Solving city management problems with UAV data and Sputnik software.

Solving urban problems requires timely information about every aspect of the city functioning. Today using UAV's is a great way for local governments to get precise data as 3D models, orthophotos and digital elevation models. However, collecting data is just a first step of decision making process, what is important is to have a set of special tools to work with this data and take all it advantages for urban design, land use and emergency management.

In "Geoscan" we work in close…


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ZTW Spider Series electronic speed control(ESC) For Racing Drones,Built in BLheli FirmWare

ZTW Spider Series For Raceing Drones ,Built in BLheli FirmWare

The ZTW Spider series of ESCs are a great choice for any size of multi-rotor.

Designed from the ground up for simple installation and easy setup and pre-flashed with SimonK OneShot 125 firmware to give a fast, super-smooth,…


Added by ZTW Brushless ESC on January 21, 2018 at 7:00pm — 1 Comment

OpenCV Installation and Camera Calibration

A few years ago I struggled a lot to study and understand OpenCV, especially the calibration process

Now that I have just a little bit more the hang of it, I thought It might be helpful for people that are going to approach this incredible computer vision library starting from…


Added by Tiziano Fiorenzani on January 21, 2018 at 11:30am — 4 Comments

Nano Hyperespectral sensor now supported for Aeromapper 300

Aeromao Inc, has delivered an Aeromapper 300 customized and ready for the Nano-Hyperespectral camera from Headwell Photonics to the University of Brasilia, in Brazil.

Since the initial approval was granted the custom integration was performed in a record time of only a few weeks.

When it comes to find a UA­­­V dependable enough to trust such an expensive sensor, the Aeromappers are the obvious choice thanks to its affordability, dependability, ease of use,…


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30X EO/IR drone zoom camera with 360 degree rotation,tracking and geotagging

Eagle Eye-30IE-360 is the new version of Eagle Eye-30IE,there are 2 features for this new 30X EO/IR zoom camera:the first one is its 360 degree rotation,that means the gimbal has…


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L1/L2 GNSS RTK Kit for Drone DIY

Get the centimeter-accurate multi-GNSS L1/L2 GNSS kit for your drone DIY projects. Standard 433/915 MHz and high-end radio versions are available.

Standard radio versions are 915 MHz (US) and 433 MHz (Europe). The two radio transmitters in an RTK system need to be able to pass RTCM data…


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ZTW Flash 30A OPTO For Multirotor


Brand Name: ZTW

Item Name: ZTW Flash Series 30A BLHeli OPTO ESC 2-4S

Model: Flash 30A

Input Voltage: 2-4S…


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ZTW Agricultural Drones electronic speed control(ESC) for your Agricultural Drones

ZTW Agricultural Drones electronic speed control(ESC) for your Agricultural Drones More info:…


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The Drone Market Environment Map – These companies will disrupt 2018

The changes and developments we saw throughout the drone industry in 2017 were incredible and deserve a proper examination. For the most part, the hype that drove so much misunderstanding and frustration in this space is gone and that’s a good thing. While…


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Pacific Drone Challenge

The Pacific Drone Challenge, inspired by the Xprize, has the goal of pushing the boundaries of what is possible with civilian drones. You have to do it for your name in the history books as there is no financial prize. Could…


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Biomechanical simulation of Artificial Aquatic & Marine Animals (2)

Task 2.8 : Biomechanical simulation of Butterfly swimming (Improved version)

The biomechanical mechanism of butterfly swimming technology is very difficult and it is still necessary to continue the research. I could not be satisfied with my first achievement in this year and I rebuilt it over and…


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Tattu R-Line 1300mAh 100C HV LiPo Review: Extra Boost for your Racing Drone

Tattu 1300mAh 100C HV lipo battery review charging

When I review niche products like this Tattu R-Line 4s HV LiPo battery, it is very hard to find an exciting introduction. I already rewrote the first sentence three times and still didn’t find something satisfying…

In nutshell, LiHV batteries are like nitro for racing cars. While standard LiPo packs can be charged with up to 4.2V/cell, the Tattu R-Line HV LiPo allows you to charge it up to 4.35V per cell safely. Consequently a standard fully charged 4s LiPo has 16.8V…


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Radiation Source Localization in GPS-denied Environments using Aerial Robots

This is to share results on radiation source localization in GPS-denied environments using autonomous aerial robots that estimate the nuclear (Cs-137 in the experiments) source location and intensity, while simultaneously planning for informative measurements. Smart selection of measurement points is critical as the robot has to dwell for…


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Field Strippable, 300 sized, Multirotor Concept Release. STL files available for download for the Price of: FREE.

The Misfortune

Thursday March 10th 2016, sad, stressful, and rainy day in New England. I ran the misfortune of having MassGov deny my appeal for my only speeding ticket, and my only infraction with the law to date. Meaning now I owe them some money,…


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How We're Using Drones for Zika Control

Mosquitoes are one of the world’s biggest killers, responsible for spreading deadly diseases including Zika, dengue and malaria. Among the many ways being researched to combat this threat is the Sterile Insect Technique (SIT) – flooding…


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World Bank launches Open AI Challenge for Aerial Imagery of South Pacific

Disasters in the South Pacific are a reality. In the past 10 years, major Cyclones have seriously affected hundreds of islands across Fiji, Tonga, Vanuatu and Samoa to name a few; disrupting millions of lives and causing millions of dollars of…


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2017 China Drone Racing At Shenzhen

“(CHINA DRONE RACING)”Is the first national unmanned aerial vehicles racing events, by the State Sports General Administration of aviation radio model sports management center, the China Aviation Industry Association. Is set competition show, exhibition display, technical exchange, interactive experience as one of the event IP. The tournament will be held in Beijing, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Wuhan and other…


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