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Getting down to target weight has been challenging.

This version is lighter, stronger, and stiffer than its predecessors. Only airtime and hard landings will show if its good enough.

I'm printing in PLA with 60% infill, 0.2mm layers and slow print speeds which seems to give the strongest parts.

I'll post photos when its…


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The design is almost complete so thought I would share it.

The remaining part is the connection between booms and the chassis, which needs to be strong and provide vibration resistance. 

All I've come up with so far is a 'rubber grommet sandwich' with M4 bolts/washers etc,…


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Frame design.

I've been experimenting with frame design, an essential component to keep all the parts flying in formation.

I printed some interlocking plastic parts in 2mm PLA & super glued them together to see how rigid/strong the end result.

The attached pic shows about half the…


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More progress...

Most of the parts have arrived so I've been able to get accurate measurements and start on the airframe, a small tricopter. Materials are carbon tubes & 3D printed PLA.

The laws here in Chile are restrictive. You need a license, drone registration, insurance and the drone has to pass inspection - apparently *very* hard to get.

If the drone weighs less than 700 grams its classed as a toy, which means no restrictions other than common sense and being…


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PixFalcon, Mega2560, Pi2 & S-Bus

Hi all,

Thought it about time I posted something about my new project, which is all about getting way too many sensors airborne on something interesting. I've flown fixed wing models before (many years ago), multirotors look like more fun.

So far I have a PixFalcon, a Pi2 and…


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Season Two of the Trust Time Trial (T3) Contest 
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