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At 11:37am on April 2, 2013, Jo said…
Hi Chris,
I am not sure where we can leave comments for suggestions on future firmware releases but please look at my thread and guide me...
At 6:20am on April 17, 2013, Luciano da Silveira Araujo said…

Dear Chris,

Good morning,

It really is a pleasure to speak with you. Congratulations about your Work.

I am an architect and designer, my graduate thesis was a project of a manned airship. (2001)

I would like to apply the technology of Blimpduino in my scale model, I Can provide more infos about the project.

Best Regards.

At 1:44am on May 17, 2013, Galaom said…

Hi Chris,

I have project which i have to use LabVIEW.
I am trying to use LabVIEW GCS for my APM 2 instead of mission planner, but i could not get the reading from APM. I am using ArduCopter V2.9.1 Quad. What should i modify to make it work.

This is a picture for what i am getting.

As you can see above , when i open the "Debug Data" option i see like what is written above. The IMU data can not be shown.

Could you please help me in this issue.

Thank you.

At 10:47pm on May 21, 2013, Jorge Antonio Saldaña Rosales said…

Hola Chris sabes como puedo hacer mi dron pero cooperativo que hadware necesito

At 7:07am on October 18, 2013, Graham Harding said…

Hi Chris,

I read that you are a Futaba user, I have a T8FG Super which I would like to use on my Hexcopter running the APM 2.6. I would like to use PPM (or would that be CPPM) to try and eliminate the servo to APM spagetti trail to try and lower fibration issues for one. Can you recommend an Rx that would be compatable with my TX, and out of curiousity, what is your TX Rx combination.



At 12:30pm on October 18, 2013,
3D Robotics
Chris Anderson

Hi Graham, 

I use the Futaba-compatible FrSky PPM receivers. Small, cheap and minimal wire clutter. 

At 6:24pm on October 21, 2013, Graham Harding said…

I have a question regarding the built in power distribution board on my F550 Hex, is it a better option to use a 3DR stand alone board rather than the in built system to try and minimise the electro magnetic field interfereance, I read somewhere this is better due to a shorter and more centralised wiring setup.

My apologise for asking basic questions butsometimes it's hard to get a response from the forum(no complaints), and this is the last piece of the build puzzle for my F550 build.



At 4:02pm on October 22, 2013,
3D Robotics
Chris Anderson

Graham: I think you're fine with the stock F550 PDB. Just make sure that you're using that APM 2.6 with the combined GPS+Mag and that it's mounted as high as possible (and far from the PDB). 

At 7:44pm on December 6, 2013, Trey knight said…
Do you now how to find the velocity of air at the propeller(m/s) and
The velocity of air accelerated by a propeller( m/s)? It's for a project I'm doing, and I'm only in middle school, so I don't now the major equations.
At 5:44am on December 22, 2013, Tyrell John said…

Please take a look at my anti poaching project. Project Arrow. Would like some input and members to help. If you could forward my details on to anyone who is interested in the same cause. Thank you.

At 10:00pm on February 14, 2015, Aerospatial said…
At 9:20am on June 16, 2015, Nick Ashton - CommSmart Global said…


left message for you to call me at your office.  Please reach out via here, so we can speak on a drone subject and a product.  Just a concern the validity of the individuals.


At 12:36am on December 23, 2015, Bharat said…

Hi Chris,

We are working on an aircraft that operates solely by thrust vectoring and has no conventional control surfaces. To simplify the design and control, we are going for a rudder-free design.

I wanted to ask if APM 2.5 can be used to fly an aircraft without a rudder in auto mode.


Bharat Mathur

At 11:18pm on February 19, 2016, Micheal said…
CHRIS , I noticed all the diy stock is now sold out @ 3d robotics store. Is that the end of the diy of 3dr? Also will pixhawk be clearance out soon as well? Thanks Chris and keep up the good work.
At 11:57pm on February 19, 2016,
3D Robotics
Chris Anderson

Michael: We are focusing on consumers and increasingly commercial sectors, and the DIY world is now well served elsewhere, so we're phasing out our DIY products. (We announced that last year).  But Pixhawk and other autopilots beyond that will continue to be focus for 3DR, so you'll continue to see both strong support of that and more products coming soon in that category. 

At 7:37am on April 6, 2016, ParkYoungju said…

Do I need something for the mission planner swarming??????

I have three 3DR SOLO

but, I don't know how I swarm on mission planner.

More is not listed anywhere....

Please help me :(

I want to fly three solo together.. 

At 3:25am on April 20, 2016, mohsein said…

I have a question

what should we do if we want to change the way failsafe routine work. I want to make some changes in the method of battery failsafe
my email is
thank you so much
At 8:43am on June 7, 2016, Vinay Roy said…

Hi Chris,

I just entered into a hobby of building Quadcopter / UAVs for aerial acts. My kids are enjoying accompanying me on this activity so it makes my hobby more satisfying. I am just wondering if you can help me on some basic information for building my next Quad. I am planning to use Autopilot (APM 2.5) board for my next assembly. Will you be able to advise a Rx Tx that can support full functionality of APM2.5 board. In long run, I am planning to use my Quad for aerial photography / videography as well. So, I will be keen in knowing a set of RX Tx and Controller which support these functionalities as well.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Vinay Roy


At 9:56pm on October 5, 2016, Max Garcia said…

Hola Chris Anderson...
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