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  • Skywalker-PostCrash

    Skywalker-PostCrash 0:46

    A couple of city of Phoenix cops drove by and said hello as we launched. After the crash they drove… Mike Thorlin May 1, 2012 64 views

  • Skywalker-Flight#3

    Skywalker-Flight#3 0:36

    Another brief flight, fatal crash in the end. Still have yet to throw the switch to auto mode. Scav… Mike Thorlin May 1, 2012 102 views

  • Skywalker-Flight#2

    Skywalker-Flight#2 0:17

    Yeah... not such a good flight. Very brief, seemed to lose elevator authority and it nosed in. Squa… Mike Thorlin May 1, 2012 52 views

  • Skywalker-Flight#1

    Skywalker-Flight#1 01:04

    1st flight... went ok, I was very nervous as it had been a long time (15 years) since I had flown a… Mike Thorlin May 1, 2012 56 views

  • Second flight.mp4

    Second flight.mp4

    Had to try! All default settings. Emile L. Apr 15, 2012 86 views

  • GOPR6472.MP4


    15/Apr/2012 Quadcopter build. I have completed the build on my quad and am now setting up controls… Emile L. Apr 15, 2012 73 views

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