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Quad vs Hexa vs Octo - subjective handling feedback?

I know a question about 'feel' is subjects but I am curious to hear from others with experience on the Hexa and Octos.   Do you think these…

Started by FireFlyer451

9 Mar 12, 2012
Reply by Eddie Weeks

Motors in wrong sequence in motor test

Hi, I'm a complete newb; this is my first RC project.  I'm building a quadcopter with an APM2.  I have the whole thing assembled and am goi…

Started by Ken A

3 Mar 11, 2012
Reply by Chris Anderson

Crash report (with osd and log)

ArduCopter version: 2.2 (modified to send extra mavlink data, enable higher throttle and some minor changes) OSD: MinimOSD (modified firmwa…

Started by Marc Puig

4 Mar 11, 2012
Reply by Marc Puig

APM Planer can't connecto to APM (arcudopter firmware)

I've been using APM few months ago with success. Connected via Xbee or USB. Latter I've updated the board firmware and can't connect to boa…

Started by Virgis

33 Mar 11, 2012
Reply by Virgis

Alt Hold past and present

I loaded Ardupirates r627 (with default settings) on my Hexa with a XL-EZ4 sonar and the Alt Hold was rock solid. No tuning was required an…

Started by Alan

3 Mar 10, 2012
Reply by Alan

Sneak Preview of next firmware revision?

I am posting this hoping to give some mouthwatering to all you Multicopter addicts! The DEV Team is working really hard to get up with a ne…

Started by emile

5 Mar 9, 2012
Reply by Garrick Merrill

4.1 motor Quad

Came across this video on you tube.  A 5th prop is used for horizontal thrust. What do you guys think?

Started by michael_au

1 Mar 9, 2012
Reply by emile

Motor not spinning

I have a strange problem on my APM2 quadcopter. It is running lated code 2.4.1 It was working fine the first day, took it out in and flew w…

Started by solaris1201

6 Mar 8, 2012
Reply by solaris1201

Hexacopter uncontrollable with firmware 2.41 after 2 flights perfect.

Hi, today I have gone to fly my Hexacopter with APM 1 Ardupilot 1280 magnetometer GPS and 2.41 firmware. It flew very well during the first…

Started by luispez

2 Mar 8, 2012
Reply by luispez

Compass declination - why isn't it calculated automatically?

Hi, maybe a silly question - why isn't magnetic declination calculated in code from the GPS coordinates? Is there something that prevents i…

Started by Jan Schermer

7 Mar 7, 2012
Reply by Adam Rivera


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