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Can someone give me some real basic instruction on have to setup the camera code? I arduino installed, but nothing else. 

Started by Matthew Gray

1 May 13, 2011
Reply by Ritchie

Can't see videos in some of the manual pages

Hello, I am unable to see the videos that are inserted in some of the manual pages. I see the heading, and then a lot of white space and th…

Started by Limebear (Rob)

3 May 12, 2011
Reply by Limebear (Rob)

Using a separate BEC to power APM and Radio Receiver

Hello, I have purchased a separate BEC to provide the 5V supply for the processor board and the Radio receiver, rather than use one of the…

Started by Limebear (Rob)

6 May 12, 2011
Reply by Al Ros

hexa+ not working

I have gone through setup and set my frame to hexa+ When I arm the motors only 4 motors spin. The front and back motors do not spin. Also,…

Started by Matthew Gray

4 May 12, 2011
Reply by Saiful Azuwan

Hexa plus configuration

I have nearly finished convert my quad to a hexa. I want to fly in + mode, could you let me know which arm to point forward. The wiki only…

Started by Gordon

6 May 12, 2011
Reply by Saiful Azuwan

Sonar and baro issues

In the CLI when I enter the altitude test mode I never seem to get a response from the sonar. I get values that look like this: B_alt: 380…

Started by Christopher Cooper

12 May 12, 2011
Reply by Michal Rusina

Getting started...

I built my own autonomous helicopter based on a Trex 600. I used this to build software for flying my rocket (

Started by Pbreed

2 May 12, 2011
Reply by Patti U-aksorn

Motor Issue - Noise, Slower.

Hey guys, just recently purchased a pre made arducopter and havent yet flown it. only couple days ago i installed and configure the copter…

Started by Paul

6 May 11, 2011
Reply by Paul

Still cant connect via USB, but CLI is working.

After updating the Mission Planner and firmware to AC 2.0.2, still cant connect in the fly mode or "test sensors" mode (switch away from pi…

Started by Michal Rusina

4 May 11, 2011
Reply by Michael Oborne

Beta + or x?

From the beginning I have always set my Quad to the 'X' configuration but so far using the V2 beta code it has been VERY unstable.  I have…

Started by Nigel

18 May 10, 2011
Reply by davidbuzz


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